Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bucket List

-----Study Abroad in New Zealand
-----Go to Each Continant
-----Go to Germany, Italy, Greece, Fiji, England, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Denmark,                 Mexico, Spain, Sweden.
-----Graduate College
-----Work for the Olympics
-----Bungee Jump
-----Zorb ball in New Zealand
-----Skydive in New Zealand
-----Skycoaster @ Lagoon.
-----Bit by Jellyfish?
-----See a bear in the wild.
-----Drive to Walla Walla, WA
-----Go to Cancun, Mexico
-----Ride the night train from SLC to somewhere.
-----Surf at the Junction
-----Surf for real
-----Swim with "tame" Sharks
-----Scuba dive in La Jolla
-----Work on a cruise ship
-----Go on a sailboat for a couple days.
-----Longboard and do the university route.

So Far I have.....
Skydive (May 2009)
Go to Bahamas (Jan 2009)
Go on Cruise (Jan 2009)
Go to all 50 States
2-Nevada (2009)
3-Arizona (2009)
4-California (2008)
5-Idaho (2009)
6-Oregon (2008, 2009)
7-Wyoming (2008)
8-Colorado (2001) 
9-Washington (2008)
10-New York (2009)
11-Boston (2002)
12-Pennsylvania (2009)
13-New Jersey (2009) drove through
14-Florida (2009)
15-Hawaii (2007)
16-Georgia Airport (2009)
17-Michigan Airport (2009)
-Donut Falls
-Goblin Valley
-Buttermilk Falls (Ithaca, NY)
-Farmington Canyon
-Valley 745 Waterfall
-Ogden Canyon Waterfall
-Big Cottonwood Canyon
-Little Cottonwood Canyon
-Horse trail
-Lake Como, PA Waterfall
Snowboard (2003-Now)
-Powder Mountain
-Nordic Valley/Wolf Mountain
-The Canyons
-Park City
Double Flip on Bungee Trampoline (2009)
Longboard (2008-Now)
Wakeboard (2007-Now)
Four Wheeling
Drove a Motorcycle
Work at a Summer Camp as a Camp Counselor
-Camp Lohikan 2009 (Lake Staff & 12 Years Olds)
Get stung by a Stingray

Monday, September 28, 2009

A thought from College

To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail and to succeed, you must have the desire to do so after failing.