Friday, April 6, 2012

mo'snow ya'know

Mister Schminter got a splinter and forgot to give us winter.
We still got some snow, but we wanted much mo'
It did not come when we hung our mistletoe
Which lead to the season snow was low.
Still had fun and enjoyed some sun
snowboarding with ma honey bun.
We got 7 storms, I counted with both hands
Led to me learning how to do handstands
Snow and Shine
Windy and Cloudy
We had weather in and outie

This whole rap thing.. sounded much better before I wrote it down on here.
maybe if you had me sing it to you and do a little dance it would be more enjoyable for you.

I snowboarded outside of Utah for the first time in my life.
Went all the way to Idaho...Sunvalley to be exact.
So what if it's a four hour drive.
At least I can say I have been outside of utah.
However. I prefer Utah....

Rode Solitude for the first time ever this season..twice. Quite beautiful mountain.

Most of my time was spent here though. Feast with a view from Snowbasin
Rad, I know. Go pro's are the beginning of a camera revolution.
But, my heart belongs at Snowbasin.
I know this place like the back of my hand, like the top of my foot, like the shake of my booty.

My life consists of.....
The Occasional
"Pole Class," "Silk Session," "Belly Dancin," or "Bend my back and forget to breath thang."
Lover loving
Puppy Teasing

Busy. Busy. Busy I tell you.

I also graduate college in less than a month.
What's next?
Excellent question.
Let me know when you know.