Saturday, May 28, 2011

peace rocks...

haha get it..
because in the background of this photo is a rock with a painted peace sign
"peace rocks"

Also... yesterday was my half birthday..meaning I am now 21 1/2 and one day today. Big Deal? Yessss! Why because I say so. Maybe thats a little sassy, but maybe I'm full of sarcasm too. Who knows.

Anyways...Today good friends and getting hitched
Pizza and Beer
What more do you need than that and some good friends?

Also I have started to do drops in aerial silks... big deal? kind of. Why because they are fun. Here is a photo of me doing the flamonco (aka..flamingo). It's just a move that looks pretty when you do it.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

flowers & sage brush

After a week of rain we finally had a wee bit of sunshine so I took it to full use and went on a mountain stroll. Yesssss! It was worth it, see the flowers, look up at the trees with white leaves and smelling the sage all to get this magnifique view below. One side you see North Ogden, the other side you see Ogden Valley.

It was myself and my sisters taking this stroll. We like to keep in touch with our nature-l side if you know what I mean. Worth it, yes, good exercise, yes... Looks like all signs point to yes when it comes to the thought of hiking. Also, I must mention, we had some people walking their goats behind us. I am now accepting applications for people who would like me to walk their goats up in the mountains...just contact me...via here and I'm sure we can arrange something :)

Nature, at one of its stages of life.

Not sure if it's exactly summer yet, but with days like today, I feel it's close, officially that is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bikini Shredding

I even got my lover to go up with me. He did not wear a bikini, but he was fully supporting my choice of apparel. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard...
(hahahahahha, yeah, what guy wouldn't be supportive of a girl snowboarding in a bikini though?).

Also, I forgot to mention...
Happy belated
""Cinco De Mayo...""
I really hope everybody enjoyed a margarita of some kind for celebration.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Snow Shredding - Look Mom, No Pants.

Below is the general attire people wear for going snowboarding...
as every winter season comes to a close I like to switch it up. Usually I do this with my best friend during spring break, but unfortunately she could not make it out here this season. Therefore I started a two day tradition. One day I dress down and make my little sister dress down with me :). Yes I wear booty bottoms and a t-shirt and she wears a tank and shorts. We made it to the top of the mountain and down, more than once. We are kind of a big deal here, or maybe we are just straight up bad-ass.
Yes (consider it)!
So below is us at the top, we look like were warm, but were not, it was a wee bit windy making it to be 15 degrees Fahrenheit. So a little chilly up top ehh.

Tomorrow is my last day riding this season and I can't help but feel a little sad, a little lost and a little sunburnt after today. I am ready for summer to come, but not this way, not now, I'm getting my winter groove on, round 2, now. Since I don't really have a choice and I don't really control natures path, I will have to deal. This leads to tomorrow being thee....
"mega-tutu may/bikini eh day."
Yes, this is a regular occurrance and I dedicate it to my bestie, miss lizzy s. (happy birthday to her today, she is 21---oii). May our tutu days live on--snowboards, tutus, and best friends, every winter! We shall drink margaritas to that next time we celebrate.

So prepare yourself: tutu day is tomorrow, not to mention it's cinco de mayo.