Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska Animal Count. I love thee animals.

I have seen 1 porcupine
over 50 Bald Eagles
 1 Humpback Whale
4 Beavers
 1 Bear
There have been many more animals I have seen, but I do not have photos of them quite yet. Anywho, On another note, I came across some hula hoopers late at night. They caught my attention due to light up hula hoops, rad, yes, did I join? Yes! Was it a good idea? Yes. Anyways, I have myself a hula hoop now thanks to one of my new friends.

I have visited the St. Theresa Shrine which is absolutely beautiful and I heard of it from a book which I got from my lover boy (Thank you baybee! you a sweetheart and a half). Such a peaceful place! I got to see a few seals bob their head up from the ocean blue and then I went past that area and came across that purty whale blowing water up the gazoo. It made me do a little dance, you see, cause I have never seen a whale in the wild.... YESSSSSSSS!

How can I forget about the beautiful hike I went on the other day in another part of town. The trees were massive and the roots were also pretty massive. It ended on a nice lovely beach area. The tide was low so the hike was a nice little moon sliver as we went from surviving the trees to the beach walk along the rocks. We came across a kayak and two campers and minced words with them. They were lucky enough to be kayaking around a pod of about 12 orcas earlier. Orcas are whales and I am extremely jealous of these two campers, I soooo want to be kayaking with a pod of orcas! Maybe I should add that on this hike I put a plant that is poisenous to humans in my mouth (if humans eat it), I had no idea, I'm a genius.... not, no worries, I be playing it much safer, no more plants in my mouth anymore.

Well, peace homies, let the sun shine please.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alaska Bound

Herrrro amigos. 

I am transferring to my other blog due to the fact that I am traveling and in Alaska currently. It should be updated and nurturing for your soul. Peace and love, good thing I packed gloves.

Che.Che.Check it....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alaska Bound

I'm in Alaska.
It rains here.
Sometimes the sun shines.
I'm not sure why I packed 5 pairs of shorts and flip flops.

Rain. everyday, all the way.

The moment the rain stops, run out side, barefoot...

Going on a Seaplane for the first time ever!

 You Waterfall gypsy girl, wiggle your toes in that water.

 I saw my first bear.... how beary cool :)

 The bear and I....

 Eating king salmon, like a champ.

Glacier magic.
Rawr, watch out nature..

Oh my mushrooms.

First week...

I arrived here May 10, 2012 

          Getting here last Thursday was soo incredibly depressing it makes me weep like a weeping willow to think about it. So lets just say all you family and especially you my lover boy mean the world to me and leaving this third time for a new expedition was extremely hard and depressing once I stepped through that security gate in Salt Lake City that eventually dragged me out to Juneau, Alaska. Did I mention it was rainy the first four days as well, talk about dreary weather to go with my dreary mood (it rains at least a little bit each and every day, thanks mother nature). After adapting over the past few days, I have been less depressed and more distracted. I have three lovely ladies I live with and we are special. We enjoy sleeping, eating, working with bamboo and things that change color, and doing random and exciting activities throughout the rainy days of Alaska. We practice the habits of sleeping and eating most often though, we are what some people would like call, professionals.

So lately, since I have arrived in the state of Alaska…..

I have gone grocery shopping three times and I’m ready to cook myself a feast. Yes! Been working hard at the shop and, good news, I can sell things, for real. I love bamboo and I like to bamboozle people or help them get “leid”. I do this by giving peeps lei’s made out of bamboo or by making them do the limbo in the Cariloha store I work at. (True Story). That is all you get to know about my job at this moment.

I did a seaplane tour the other day that went over five glaciers, yes I said five glaciers in a sea plane. This means we got in the plane which was on water and took off on water then landed in water, just like on TV. It’s like I was in the Walmart section “as seen on TV,” but without the Walmart part.  Another highlight of this seaplane tour is that… I saw a bear, a beary cool, beary black, beary rad freakin bear. I feel beary happy and I got a photo the bear and I which is even better. So, Hells Yeahs! Anyways ,on another note, I ate my first piece of seafood out here as well, Smoked King Salmon and it was good, so good, I ate it all, like a champ.

I wore real shoes, like the running kind and they gave me blisters two days ago. So yesterday I wanted to go on a hike to the tram and take the tram down to work. This hike is about three miles up to the tram and I now know that it is also covered with snow for about half of those three miles. I decided to wear my vibram five toe shoes. These shoes and awesome, it’s like walking barefoot with a huge slightly sturdy barefoot foot beneath you and I like them a lot. What I learned is that walking in snow with them after so long is not a good idea. I made it to the tram after a slight panic attack and a slide down part of the mountain because I slipped after going the wrong way. But like I said, I did make it to the top and also, I do not have frostbite even though I was really worried I was going to get it. Lesson learned, I should get some hiking shoes. And the snow was deep, I sunk down to my thighs at some points, fellow snow lovers of Utah, I have found the snow we never got this past season.

On another fine note, my roommates and I went out to get pizza tonight and on the way home we went to a water fountain, at this fountain there was a man who skipped drunkenly over to us and lifted up his shirt on the fountain wall. He had a tattoo of a gun and went “bang bew bang bew bang” with it (sound affects were included) and then said “oh, you want more,” and then he reached his hand down his pants to whip out his wanker. We turned around giggling hysterically, me with my pepper spray in hand ready to defend us. He did not like this and yelled “FOOOOOOOK you, Foooooook you.” Alaska men have class, right, lover boy, I love you and baby, you have class.