Thursday, February 27, 2014



The road to happiness is the road best traveled
for those who wish to be happy.

National Parks for Daze..

I took my two little sisters and we went on a trip that I like to call: "A Happiness Retreat." This consisted of me driving, a hula hoop rest stop break, and listening to "Let it Go," from the new disney soundtrack of "Frozen," nonstop. It's funny, how your inner child can come out as you belch a disney song out at the top of your lungs with your sisters... and feel good about it... even if it may sound awful.

Anyways... Happiness Retreat was a success.

We stayed at the grandparents house, we swam, we ate, we drove into vegas and went to a swap meet, we swam more, we painted, we bonded, we left, we drove to zion. It was in Zion National Park, that the connecting back with nature began, we bonded as sisters and hiked as mountain goats up to the top of Angels Landing.&&&
Then we drove home and sang more frozen at the top of our lungs as a snowstorm rolled in.

Oh & I bought a National Park Pass again..... soooooo more National Park trips to come. Holla!

Sisterly Love (at its best)