Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farewell Fiji

Some last photos at my favorite place: The Beachhouse

Reflecting back on NZ

Yep. This would be me doing the highest Bungee in New Zealand. Awesome right!?
Craters of the Moon.
Huka Falls
OGO New Zealand... Yes. At long last I was able to see what it's like to be a hamster in a ball.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Long Ride - Fiji - Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - United States

Day 144: December 8, 2010
1. Went to bed early, or at least tried, but was up most of the night because the bar outside was soo loud. It felt like people were yelling right outside my window.. they probably were.
2. Woke up, feeling good, it was bungee jump day on December 6 and I was ready.
3. I did it, and survived. Yesss. I did the highest bungee jump in New Zealand and the highest swing in the world.. It’s kind of a big deal.
4. I ate another massive burger to celebrate with a girl I met at the bungee jump.
5. We also decided to celebrate by going to the ice bar. A bar that is made out of ice in queenstown. Sounds cool yeah? it was, I have picturessssss.
6. Had an early night to bed because the next day, I was heading to Franz Joseph.. I wanted to go to pancake rocks, but its not going to happen this trip.
7. Made it to Franz Joseph and hiked up to the glacier. It was sooo coool. I don’t think I have ever seen a glacier before so thank you mister Franz Joseph.
8. Stayed at a backpackers in the franz joseph town.. up in glacier territory.. pretty cool eh. I thought so, I felt in my element cause I was in the mountains and it was a wee bit cold.
9. Now I am on a bus again.. I swear about a third or maybe even half of my new Zealand trip is on a bus. That kind of sucks, but at least the drive is soo beautiful, so its okay. I wish I had an ATV to cruise around NZ on, that would be rad.
10. I’m heading to Christchurch yet again and hoping I can make my way up to Kaikora.. (I spelled that wrong) because I want to go whale watching ASAP.
11. I have to get to the north island.. ASAP I fly out of NZ in a week, so yeah. I sure do love the South Island, everything about it, except the expensive bus fares I keep paying.
Day 146: December 10, 2010
1. Stayed in Christchurch and decided I was going to start a new food thing, rice.. chicken flavor. I got it, and it was disgusting.. luckily one of the other backpackers cooked to much food for themselves (lamb and rice) and so they shared.. I lucked out. It was the best food I had so far in New Zealand. Just like a real home cooked meal. Yep.
2. The Christmas tree in Christchurch has some phone booths that are labeled Santa Line. So you can call Santa. That is so cool!
3. Well, I got up early so I could head to Kaikora yesterday. Hooray for another bus ride.
4. In kaikora, I heard there was good whale watching. What I did not hear is that it can cost anywhere from $160-500 dollars.. Um.. yeah. I did not budget for that.. So that sucked. However, I still found a way to spend my day.
5. I walked down to the seal colony and on the way I passed the boat ramp for the locals, two fisherman were going out and they asked if I would like to come out on the boat with them and go cray fishing for about a half hour. I figured why not, I got no plans and no money, I’ll for sure go.
6. We caught crayfish.. Turns out. You leave a cage with a dead fish attached overnight.. and during the night the crayfish (also known as lobster) move to it because they like dead fish. Yep.. So we caught some crayfishes.. and a sand shark. We threw the sand shark back in the water. It was the first time I got to hold a shark.. and save its like.. I am kinda a hero.. or at least I like to think so.
7. We were just out for a short half hour, but that was awesome.
8. I continued walking down the beach to the seal colony. When I got to them.. I did not even notice that I was about 5 feet from a seal until it started growling at me. Seals have a bubble and they will bite. So after being a stupid idiot and getting too close to the seals I backed off and watched from the distance.. Most the time.
9. I did a nice hike up around the coast that took about 5 hours and it was really nice. I saw two seal colony’s and a whole lot of birds.. they love it there.
10. It was a nice relaxing day full of crayfish, seals, and at night time. I ate my corn flakes and milk.. and well I got a ka-bob from another backpacker who had yet cooked too much food. That was nice.. I like to have my meat when traveling. It’s so scarce, because its usually expensive.. and my cooking skills are so bad without my better half.
11. Next stop, Picton. I have to get on the ferry tomorrow morning, but I did not book it. I think I should be alright. I hope.
12. Well, I definitely should have booked the ferry. I was able to make it on and use my flexi pass, but I think it is only because I started crying because I did not know I had to book it 26 hours ahead of time. That was frustrating, but hey, it all worked out.
13. Ferry ride on the interislander was nice, windy, and nice.
14. It took about 3 hours to get over to the north island.
15. Goodbye south island.. I will miss you cause you are beautiful.
16. I’m staying in Wellington tonight.
17. I hope I make it in time to see the giant squid at the museum.
18. I didn’t make it, I tried, but no luck.
19. I made pasta with two other girls I met in queenstown. We crossed paths again and were staying at the same hostel sooo we decided to go get some stuff to make pasta and all went in on that. It was such a good meal.
20. I girl snored in my dorm.. I hate that… I mean seriously… have some respect for the other people in the dorm. Nobody likes someone who snores.
Day 148: December 12, 2010
1. Went to Taupo. And I wanted to skydive, but hey it was skydive and be completely broke and in the hole, or survive and not be broke, I decided it was a better idea to not be broke so I didn’t do it.. and I suppose I was barely okay with it since I have skydived before.. but still, I was bummed.
2. Did a lot of hiking at craters of the moon, wairaki terraces, huka falls, and a bridge area that releases water (it’s in a scene of lord of the rings.. dude).
3. Then I went to a honey bee place and learned about bee’s.. they are crazy creatures.. and new Zealand has a lot of them.
4. I saw mount doom.. in taupo.. yeah.. the one that is in lord of the rings. Haha. Cool.
5. Next stop Rotoruwa.. and im going to zorb.. or ogo. Yesssssssssssss..
6. OGO was awesome. I did that and the fishpipe.. twice each.
7. I did it once by myself down the hill with water and then blindfolded with two of the people that worked there.
8. I love OGO.. yep.
9. Next stop Auckland… So I can go stay with warwick and desleigh (this awesome couple I met in Fiji out at the blue lagoon). They are being nice enough to let me stay with them. Yessssss. They rock.
Day 149: December 15, 2010
1. Time to go back to Fiji and well, I can honestly say, I am glad to go back to soak up some sunshine and see some crystal clear water! (clearly I am not going back to Suva, and I am almost positive I never will unless forced).
2. Warwick and Desleigh (people I stayed with in Auckland) were some of the nicest people I have ever met. They gave me a bed to sleep in, let me wash my clothes, eat their food and even made me meals, the picked me up from the bus stop and they helped me survive as my bank account hit zero. Without them, I don’t know how I would have made it home healthy. I literally would have starved, unless I ate grass and twigs or something. They did so much for me and I wish that I could have given them stuff in return. I set up their Christmas tree and played with their puppy, but I wish I could have done so much more and had more to give. Love those two! Hope I cross paths with them again!
3. Good morning Fiji, Please ship me to the Beachhouse ASAP!
4. At long last I have made it to the beachhouse, slightly gone through my luggage and have my rum to bring home for Christmas gifts. I am not quite sure how I am getting my luggage home… but it will get home with me. Yep. I plan on that.
5. It’s raining and there is lightning, but its really pretty and I like it.
Day 150: December 16, 2010
1. Last day in Fiji, Last day overseas. It is really weird.. to think I am leaving all this. I am very much ready to go home, I miss my family, my boyfriend, his family, my friends, and snow, but I am so nervous. I have slightly forgotten what America is like since I have been over here. The way of life is much the same in one aspect, people eat, work, sleep, etc.. but people are soo much more different, especially here in Fiji.. Fiji time is something that is natural where as.. No Fiji time in the US really unless you make fiji time for yourself. Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m just nervous, but excited.. so nervous excited. I’m ready for snow, I’m ready for home, I ready for friends and family and lover to be back in my life. ASAP.
2. First stop LAX, next stop SLC.
3. This is the longest Thursday of my entire life.. talk about a 44 hour long Thursday.
4. I’m so anxious.
5. CULTURE SHOCK .. CULTURE SHOCK .. in LAX. Everybody has turned into robots.. and im scared.. LAX has robotic people (people on iphones & labtops everywhere).. its freaking my out.
6. Let me get to SLC..
7. At last.. hello Utah..
8. Get me out of the airport please.. I’m sooo nervous be surrounded by millions and gazillions of return missionaries families… get meee out…. Toooo many people….. and I’m scared.
9. At last, First sign of human life that I know.. Loverrrrrrrrrrrrr boy..
10. I will be taking people in small doses now that I am home.. one person at a time, please. Vinaka.
Home sweet home: (2 days later): December 20, 2010.
I’m slowly, but surely getting use to the USA again.. and Utah.. I love the snow and walmart. Mountain dew tastes soo good and Mexican food is delicious. Cheesy potatoes warm my soul (thank you reese for making me a whole thing of it, it has made my weekend as I eat them every meal I can). I feel like it’s Christmas. It’s good to be home. Time for Snowboarding now!