Friday, January 17, 2014

New Years Resolutions

A new year is a great thing. It's a fresh start if you had a stressful depressing and difficult previous year. It's a reason to set goals and push yourself to new limits. It's a year to do more exciting things than the previous year. It's a mystery, you have no idea what is in the future.

I've heard some people say (through social media), "Why set myself up for failure with a new years resolution?" This annoys me and if your saying that (your annoying-kidding), please realize, that the if you are saying that, then you are clearly setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Set a goal that's reachable and if you accomplish it, awesome, if you fail, try again, if you realize you really didn't care about that goal/resolution at all, then forget about it.

So, hey -- My New Years Resolutions for 2014 include:
1. Chest Stands: Get my feet to my head in a chest stand.
2. Middle Splits: Get flat..BAM!
3. Trip to Banff: Make it happen!
4. House Pretty: Work with Reese to make our house & yard awesome!
5. Run twice a week for about 30 minutes.
6. Drink less soda
7. Eat less cookies: Only allowed to purchase cookies/sweets ready eat, once a month.
8. Scuba Dive: Anywhere.. I want to make it 40 and I'm at 39 scuba dives.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Human Behavior

Human behavior is so interesting. There is this idea in several peoples head that you need to do what society tells you. Go to school, graduate High School, go to College, get a job, get a car, get a house, get married, have babies and work your life away until you die and move onto the next world or turn into a tree. Society sucks, politics suck, but they exist and as humans they seem to be incorporated into our lives no matter what. #dealwithit
"People watching" is something I do often and today I did that at a joint called "In and Out Burger." I saw different variations of humans that were fat, skinny, tall, short, young, old, exhausted, happy, hungry, sad, etc. What are all these people doing at a burger joint today? Why are they eating a burger? Was it a stab to the wallet when they purchased the burger? Did they walk there? Did they drive? Do they own a car? Do they work? Are they living off unemployment? Do they consider this an activity, an experience, or just another meal? #getoutandlive


Alright, I have started rambling from my observation earlier today and that has nothing to do with this post really. Anyways, I do not believe in doing what society tells you. In fact, I may be a little against it. I believe in doing what you want to do, doing what makes you happy and being who you want to be.

I think about traveling around the world about 11 times a week. To travel comfortably to a destination you kind of need money. Money doesn't grow on trees, so I have found myself working a low paying job that I generally enjoy. However, lately, I have felt that I am doing the stereotypical thing that society tells you to do and I hate that. I hate that 110%.

Hooray, story time!

After I graduated from University of Utah, I moved away for about 6 months working in Alaska and California then I moved back home to Utah. In winter I proceeded to continue my job in marketing at a resort and when the season ended. I got offered a year round position, I am currently still working at this job and wondering how I have suddenly fallen into the stereotypical thing that so many people do in society-working to live. I suppose everyone is a victim at one point, hell, some people fall victim to it throughout there entire lives. They put this idea in there head that they need this and that and this and that, then before they know it, they need so many things. Things that several people in other countries don't seem to need. Due to this, they never get to taste the sweetness of living, exploring and embracing the amazing experiences that surround us.

Lately, I have been concerned, I feel like I'm falling victim to the stereotypical things that society seems to outline we do as humans (at least here in the US). I went to high school - graduated, went to college - graduated with two bachelor degrees, bought a car, bought a house, and currently, I feel like I'm working my life away.

Although I feel this way, I realize I really haven't fallen into the depth that I keep thinking I have fallen into. I'm not a lifeless robot working my life away and not living.

I did graduate high school, then I worked outside as a lifeguard, then I went to college and continued to work as a lifeguard. Then I moved to Pennsylvania to work at a summer camp and took care of some amazing kids from around the US. Then I continued college and decided I was going to study abroad in Fiji for 6 months. I moved to Fiji in 2010 and studied tourism and marine biology. After that I decided to spend the rest of my money ($2,500) and go to both New Zealand and Australia (2 weeks in each location). I went home with $20 to my name and continued to work my winter job at a ski resort.
I worked my ass off in school that year, I was determined to get done and graduate. I even did summer school - yuck! Since I was broke and my boyfriend worked nights, I searched for something to fill in my emptyness. Being nearly broke, going to school and not having company at night is no fun at all. I knew I needed something more, so I searched and found a dance studio in my Ogden that offered aerial silks and pole fitness classes. I started doing that in February 2010 and still do both of those forms of Cirque Fitness to this day.
I graduated college in May 2012 and decided to moved to Alaska with a job offer I received. I lived out there for 5 months and then got transferred to a California location for one month. I moved back home in November 2012 and continued to work my winter job which turned into a year round job. After the winter season ended in 2012, one of my best friends and I decided to do our college graduation trip we were unable to do in 2012. We went to Belize and Guatemala for two weeks with no official plan. After my return my boyfriend and I continued to look for houses so we could move out and be grown ups (we were living in his parents house for a while as we went to school). We purchased a house in the late summer of 2012 and put our big kid pants on. Might I add, it has been so nice to have a place with him, he's cute.

Anyways, here I am paying off a car loan, house loan, dancing my booty off to keep my sanity, connecting with the earth as I surf the snow and living and loving my boyfriend & fur babies (zigmond-cat; bjorn-dog). I definitely am not "grown up," but I am doing some grown up shizzz for sure.

--This may be considered a rant -- so -- rant over. #life