Thursday, August 25, 2011

hula hoopin dreaming.

Bought a hula hoop.
Currently obsessed.
I wonder if I could break the world record of nearly 75 hours of hooping in a row??

I just wanna hoop all day long.

Zee Waters of Bear Lake

I mentioned in my last post I was in bear lake at the first of this month.
It was marvelous.
I loved it all.
I loved being with ma lover.
So nice.
Oh.. & giddy romantic.
zoalright.zat cheesy.
We went inside a mountain @
Minnetonka cave
We found this & more inside
I found a new tree to hug & love
Then we went on an adventure to find ice, snow, or just an ice cave & ended up @
Paris Ice Caves

Found some indian paintbrush...oh yessss.

had a short.sweet.too the point meditation session.

& enjoyed the precious time I had with this fellow
The nature.
The company.
The essence of life.

From there we ended on a trek too.
water, two little rivers with freezing cold water
a nice little trail to follow.
We then followed a river and hiked by the side of it

had the crazy idea to do this:

Tube. Tube. Tubing down this little river we found.
It worked.
Luckily, I had tubes in my car too
Just in case this were to happen :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

B... ear - L...ake

Ever notice that when you take a way the first letter of each word for Bear Lake, it sounds like ear ake?
Well anyways..
me and ma lover man went to bear lake about a week ago.
It was dazzling.
It was romantic.
It was spontaneous.
Loved it.
I have more photos to post, but I am going to do that later because I want some Zzz's.
It was a long day... and last night was a longer night.
peace. love. hug trees.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my kya-papaya

thee lovely kya-papaya & i

After I graduated high school, I moved to SLC and lived there so I could be closer to college. While living there i adopted my aunts pitbull puppy (even though she is not a puppy i call her one). She was the most adorable dog I have ever owned, i'm pretty sure she thought she was human. She would sit on my lap randomly and sleep with me in ma bed and cuddle up with me when i was sad. She understood me... and showed me an extreme amount of lovin... she gave doggy kisses, like no dog has ever given doggy kisses.

Today, my grandparents took her in for an MRI and we found out she had cancer.. and it was bad.
we had to put her down, it was causing her a lot of pain and the doctor said there was not much hope for a recovery.
I'm extremely depressed.
I feel like i have love my best friend.
i have lost my best friend.
so in memory of her, i blog about how much i loved her.
I love that damn dog.
My Kya-Papaya.

My whole family loves her
she was the best dog, best dog friend, anyone could ever ask for.
may her soul rest in peace and her body be out of pain now.

I miss you kya.
I wish I could have said goodbye to you.
You were such a tough dog.
a loving dog.
thee best dog i have ever had.
you were my best dog friend.
I hope your with aunt Cindy now.
You & Cindy running around is the image i am trying to picture in my head.
i miss you & i miss the extreme.
it hurts me so bad to know i don't have you here to lick my face off and to tease.
Love you so much puppy & i always will.

summa school ova. summa time here.I

summer school is over.
I have finished my classes
& passed them with flying colors.

now I am on summa break, for 21 days.

& in the fall, it is my last semester of classes...
i only have to take 3 classes, one for each to degree.


& i'm walkin on sunshine down this road.