Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I was born

I was born 2 days & 22 years ago
& on Sunday, it was my birthday.
I turned
therefore I had a funky tutu fiesta.
mexican food, ifly, bowling and friends.

I'm thinking I need to take a short road trip. asap.
Maybe in 2 weeks.
I was thinking Canada, then realized, I probably cannot afford that, so now, I'm thinking Jackson Hole.
oh yeah :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

done & to do.

So, I'm thinking about my life, things I HAVE done and things I NEED TO DO.

Things I have done:
  • Graduated High School-Weber High 2008
  • Moved to another state in the USA- Pennsylvania
  • Worked at a Summer Camp - Camp Lohikan
  • Moved out of the Country -Suva Fiji
  • Studied Abroad - University of South Pacific
  • Skydive - May 2009
  • Bungee Jump (twice in Idaho & once in New Zealand)
  • Highest Swing in the World (New Zealand 2010)
  • Bought a car (October 2011) -2008 scion xb
  • Aerial Silks -began February 2011
  • Pole Fitness -began February 2011
  • Traveled by Myself -2010 - Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia (July-December)
  • Zorb-Human Hamster Ball-OGO-New Zealand 2010
  • Plan Road Trips & accomplish them:
  • Portland/Seaside, Oregon
  • Coronado, California
  • Walla Walla, Washington
  • Mesquite, Nevada
  • Moab, Utah
  • Buy a Longboard and learn how to ride it - October 2008
  • Get Scuba Certified
  • Open Water.Advanced Open Water.Rescue Diver Certified
  • Scuba Dive with sharks (I get a bit intimidated with them) -Beqa Lagoon -2010
To Be Done...
  • Graduate University of Utah with 2 Bachelor Degrees
  • Buy a Round the World Plane Ticket and Travel
  • Go to Ecuador, save the sea turtles
  • Be happy
  • Find employment that I want to do
  • Be a tour guide
  • Work/volunteer with a scuba company
  • Get Skydiving certified
  • Scuba Dive in every ocean in the world
  • Share my experiences with others
  • Get married
  • Have a family - two kids - & let them experience international travel while growing up
  • Be happy
  • Snowboard every year at least 30 days per season, but get more than that.
  • Snowboard in Chile
  • Snowboard in Japan
  • Heli-board
  • Learn how to kite snowboard
  • Ride a camel
  • Ride an elephant
  • Swim with Manta Rays
  • Swim with the dolphins
  • Scuba dive with whales and see whales in the wild
  • See the Collassel Squid in New Zealand
  • Go to the Great Wall of China and walk on it
  • Go to the Pyramids in Egypt
  • Learn how to surf well
  • If I want to go further in school, apply for Teach for America
There is so much I have accomplished and so much I want to accomplish, I just cant think of everything now... so... to be continued...

Thursday, November 10, 2011


What from peacefulness and meditation to a mess full of stressful.
got the flu.
got financial aid, then got it all taken away.
blew out tire in my car, replaced.
car had a smoke attack, lost all its antifreeze & died.
paid to get that fixed.
decided I need a new car.
bought a used fairly new car.
Scion xb.
its a foxy boxy also known as the ice box. or icy for short.
things are looking up.
I'm in debt for the next 5 years, but hey, now I have a car that works well.
awweh yeah.
I finish my classes for school.. for undergraduates.. in one month.
Hells to the yeahs.

two snowboarding resorts opened up today.
Let it snow
I'm ready.