Travel Videos

I was born and raised in Utah
I worked for a summer in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania
I studied abroad and traveled around Fiji 
and while in Fiji I began making travel videos for my family. They are fun, cheesy, and me. 

Bula Mi Fiji 7 (this is missing)

After I graduated from University I went and lived in Alaska for 6 months and I made more videos:

Then I went and hiked the Chilkoot Trail heading into Canada and I turned into a bit of a #dramaqueen

Then I settled down, got a house with an old lover of mine, took care of the cutest cat and dog in the world and settled into my "grown up job."  -- real life sets in --

Then that stopped so I bought a plane ticket to New Zealand... and I made this video:

Then I went on an awesome trip around the North island and my canon d30 waterproof camera broke... when I jumped into the water on a scuba dive at Port Knights Island #devastated. Now I have no camera... so no movies are currently being produced.... soon. soon. they will be though.

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