Pole Dance Diaries

 My Pole Dance Journey started at a studio known as Kairos Fitness (Formerly known as French Kiss Fitness) in February of 2011. I had a boyfriend at the time and we lived together, but he worked nights which left me alone, bored, and cold throughout the nights of winter. I had always wanted to try aerial silks and when I discovered there was a studio in Ogden that offered classes (at night), I put all my pennies towards it. I was weak, so weak, and terrible at aerial and pole, yes terrible! However, I found the challenge of pole and aerial rewarding and so I continued to pursue it. Four years later, I'm still at it, practicing when I can and now traveling on a budget still wanting to pole dance and do aerial silks along the way.

     I began traveling because a door closed (my forever long relationship of 6+ years ended). As soon as that happened, I knew I must escape, I mean, follow my dreams. Due to some investment in "grown up things," I had to sell my dancing poles, both of them. I had only had these beauties for a year and it was so sad for me to give them up, but I needed the money, because I didn't have enough money to go otherwise. So I sold my "pole babies" to new homes where they would get utilized and packed up so I could move away and begin traveling again. I was able to leave Utah having just over $1,000 of money to start a new life over in New Zealand. 

There is nothing easy about starting over and there is nothing easy about traveling and continuing your passion when it's not your "money-maker" either. I had this idea I would find a nice place to live when I moved out to New Zealand and be able to buy another pole and set it up in my house. I was wrong, it was much harder than that, especially since have I been on a tight budget since I moved out here. Sadly, the cost of living is quite high, roommates are a requirement when on a budget, most ceilings are quite low and it's hard to find roommates who will "respect your pole." So I did what anyone would do, I found shelter, shared rooms, and low ceilings and settled into my new life at a poleless house. 

Anyways, it's all good, I'm here, I found a new pole studio to call home Queenstown Pole Dance and I'm able to practice pole at the moment, so I'm happy! Despite how hard starting over is, I believe it was all worth it and will continue to be worth it. I have been stopping at pole studios as I travel and plan on continuing to do so as I move from place to place. So stay tuned and follow my journey...


Throughout my travels I have found that I NEED to dance it out sometimes. It makes me feel graceful and like everything will be okay. I have found that I tend to freestyle more so after my break up and I feel that is probably because I've realized that I'm all I got, I make all my decisions and I have always been there for myself. Don't get me wrong, I have a great family back home, but the inner battle of feeling rejected has been difficult. It's not easy, but dancing makes it easier...

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