Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halfway thru the Semester & Fiji

Day 76: October 1, 2010
1. I have so much homework, too much homework.. eeek.
2. None of my backpacker friends are coming to Suva.. sad.
3. Scuba Diving season is coming to a end.. correction good scuba diving conditions are coming to an end. Yep.
4. I woke up this morning and went outside.. to find one of my pet geckos dead.. the ants were eating it.. and it was terrible. RIP Gecko #7..
5. I have now made 4 Bula Mi Fiji Episodes.. that’s about 40 minutes of brooke there.. basically.. that’s pretty exciting to watch 40 minutes of Fiji and brooke together.. I should know .. me and cindy had a marathon the other day. Hahahaha.
6. I need to figure out what to do this weekend.. Rivers Fiji is booked.. sooo I have to wait to do that .. maybe scuba diving? But I did not book it.. so we will see. Hmm.
7. I need marshmallows and rice crispies.. I really want to make rice crispy treats.
8. The dogs… they keep fighting. Make it hard to sleep at night.
9. I need to be outside, but I a stuck in my classroom.
10. Did you know a crab is a detrovore.. and it eats dead things.. like bacteria.. well. Yeah bacteria in general.
11. I went on a snorkeling field trip yesterday… it was spectacular.. I saw fish, butterfly fish in particular, puffers, huge sea cucumbers, sea stars, and a sea snake. Yes I saw my first sea snake.. (they are one of the most poisenous in the world) and when I saw it in the water, the smart thing would be to swim away, but I swam closer, cause I wanted to get a decent photo. I did by the way.
12. As of right now I am here for 150 days.. I have been here for 76.. soo Half of my Fiji days are over :(

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