Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring Break - Round 2 for 2010

Day 57: September 12, 2010
1. Had a girls night at long last. It consisted of 4 girls, 1 huge salad, grilled cheesed sandwiches, and Pineapple Fanta plus fancy nail polish designs. Good stuff there.
2. Got absolutely no sleep before leaving for Beachcomber at 2 am on September 10… pretty bad idea eventually.
3. Learned about Fiji ghost stories on the way to the boat from one of mi amigos from fiji… it was really hard to sleep on the bus.
4. Finally, made it to beachcomber for the field trip I was lucky enough to join onto. I went snorkeling immediately.
5. Beach at beachcomber was disappointing.. I got over it. It all worked out and in the end, I could not get enough of that beach.
6. When I was snorkeling, the staff in the boat thought it would be funny to feed the fish in my direction.. so out comes the food into the water, right where I’m swimming and over come hundreds of fish eating the food.. and me. (it was awesome, kind of surreal).
7. Thee barefoot bar at beachcomber=sooo cool. Best thing ever invented. The first night I won a free vonu beer, which I gave away to my german friend.. I won it from a relay race (my team won of course). Me no likey beer.
8. Next day at beachcomber consisted of fish feeding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Scuba diving was to an old bomber from world war two.. cool right. Went down 26 meters too… saw the biggest sea cucumbers I ever seen down there. Oh yeah. but I was breathing to fast underwater…oopsie.
9. Night numero dos at beachcomber.. –well it was a Saturday.. and it was soooo fun. They had the limbo.. now.. I know a lot of you back home may not know this, but I am an expert limbo-er.. I promise. And well. That night….they had the limbo and I was one of theeee winners.. yes.. I won.. free beer.. which does me no good cause I don’t like beer so I brought it my friends, then my professor then my other friends and gave it all away… it was a huge pitcher of fiji bitter. Yepppers.
10. Went swimming under the stars.. about three times. Pretty awesome.. skinny dipping might have happened too.. things like that are necessary if you are on the party island… right?
11. I can shake my booty like a Fijian.
12. Sunday morning came rolling around…and well. I was not sure where I was going.. except I knew it would be north… soooo. I got on the yellow flyer and headed north..
13. I ended up in the Yasawas at island #2 Wayasewa and stayed at Wai-Lai Lai eco resort… It was nice… I went snorkeling and did a super spectacular hike by myself-I realized it would have been safer if someone came with me, but nobody wanted to when I asked soooo. Yeah.
14. Hike view was amazing…
15. I ate my first lovo dinner.. soo goood. Soo good.
16. I had nightmares about bed bugs here.. three people had gotten them in the past couple nights.. and so now I am forever haunted with bed bug nightmares.
17. One of the guys that was staying at the resort got a phone call from his family.. I guess his mother has been in acoma for two weeks and has not been able to get ahold of him. Stuff like that worries me.. be safe back home, will you loved family? Friends?
18. Stayed up for a while and played “shithead” with some of the other backpackers.. it was way fun, but at 9:45 they decided to turn off the lights on us.. which was no cool… its all good though I used my travel candle for the first time.. and it smelled like delightful mango. Oh yes.
19. I taught some English guys how to make clothes out of leaves for themselves.. I told them that the girls would love it at beachcomber. Haha.
20. I decided to only stay at this resort one night then moved on to .. wherever the wind took me..
Day 60: September 15, 2010
1. Well, after I left Wai Lai Lai (wayasewa island) I was going to go to Manta Ray, but ran into a creepy guy from beachcomber.. who was also going to Manta Ray, so I asked how much more it would cost me to go a bit further and asked a friend for recommendations.. and it only cost about $15 more to go to the end of the Yasawas… so I did just that. I was going to go to coral view, but then another guy mentioned blue lagoon was close to that.. and I had a blue lagoon brochure at my home in suva and was looking into that.. so I decided to go with blue lagoon.. and also.. –this is going to sound a bit sketch and dodgy—I was stressing about money –as usual-and asked my new friend if he knew how much it cost.. he said that he had rented a villa and that I could stay on the floor for free.. so I thought about it.. and decided this guy was not a creep and went to blue lagoon and stayed on his floor for two nights –free of charge.. saved me over $200 and he was not a creep … true story.
2. Blue lagoon was amazing.. definitely tied for first on all the resorts I have been too.
3. I did a spectacular hike here.. the best hike I have done in Fiji actually!! Words can not explain how beautiful and breathtaking the views were and photos don’t give it justice! BEST HIKE EVER!
4. I snorkeled a lot out there. Every day.. and I did a night snorkel.that was intense..
5. I participated in my first even international crab race.. I was crab 21… and I could have sworn I made it to the top 10.. but I guess I didn’t … and I lost.. I will win the international crab race.. I swear..i love crab racing!! And I know the secret to winning.. now..
6. While snorkeling in the day I saw a lionfish.. octopus..stingray lots of other fish.. eel-trigger triton fish, big huge puffer fish..huge sea urchins (at night time)..and so much other cool stuff!!
7. On the scuba dive out in the Blue lagoon area.. I saw a sea turtle.. yes a real live sea turtle in the wild of the deep blue.. and my first thought was …. Crushhhhhhhhhhhh –from finding nemo.. I wanted to touch it, but I was too much in awe and did not want to scare it away.
8. I went out to the caves on Yasawa island as well, they were pretty cool. I saw an eel.. and I touched the only limestone in fiji.. or something like that… apparently its pretty rare and that’s the only spot with limestone.
9. I fell asleep in a hammock.. after going from huge morning hike to snorkeling.. to lunch… to scuba diving.. to night snorkeling… to dinner.. to buying a drink saying I earned it.. (long island iced tea) to drinking half of it.. and falling asleep in the hammock with it half full.. then waking up and drinking the rest of it… now that is what fiji is about.. yessss…
10. Walking around to go to bed should be really late if the person your staying with in the villa is chatten up a greece lady… enough said.
11. Well I stayed at the resort for three days two nights and loved it.. absolutely loved it.. food was good.. everything was soooo good..
12. I got on the yellow flyer in hopes of finding my next destination…
13. After getting on the boat.. I decided to go to Manta Ray at long last!! I have been making last minuted decisions as to where to go whereas everyone else has booked nights and stuff… I think I am traveling the best way… with the wind that is!! Hahahaha
Day 61: September 16, 2010
1. Oh Manta Ray… how I love your pina coladas that I get for free from winning the Limbo..
2. Yes I won the limbo yet again.. which means… brooke gets a free drink.
3. Manta Ray was quite fantastic.. I really loved the variety of hammocks.. awwe yes.. there were two types.. most resorts only have one.
4. Snorkeling was quite good… I must say.. I enjoyed it..
5. I did not see a Manta Ray… that was very disappointing.. I guess the season ends toward the end of September.. and I just got unlucky.. the Manta rays had not shown up for five days before I got there.. –manta ray season=may til September. Ish.
6. The lunch food.. was sooo delicious.. you got to choose from a menu.. and it all looked so good.. sooo good that me and my Scotland friend chose two items and shared them.
7. The night there was full of dancing, Limbo, and the two French guys.. yes they get a title.. because…. They were a hoot. Please bafg(bring a French guy) to a party.. and you will be laughing.. probably non-stop. Okay.. so that’s probably not true.. but seriously. These two guy cracked me up.. they could probably create a show in vegas.
8. I kayaked to another island from here.. all the way to drawaqa.. now that’s talent. .and I kayaked back.. how many people can say they kayaked to an island ?? hmm. Well I can now.
9. I met another American.. and well I realized.. that you either meet a down to earth American who is traveling with a friend.. most likely with a friend… a totally chill cool..down to earth American-like me.. traveling by theirself.. or the loud.. very loud American who talks and talks and talks so loud as if the world needs to know what they think.. anyways… the point I was trying to get to was that you don’t see many americans traveling..and if you do.. it’s a shocker if they are traveling alone…seriously.. people were surprised that I was an American.. and that I was traveling by myself.
10. People from other countries… like my accent.. one of the ladies even called it lovely. Hahaha. Another called it sexy… I always wanted an accent and now I finally have one.—lucky gal I am.. hahahahha.-representing the u.s. of a.
11. I had to make a hard decision.. to stay at manta ray.. or to leave… and go to octopus.. I decided to go to octopus.. and add another island to my island tree.
12. It was sad to say good bye to my new friends L
Day 62, 63, 64: September 17-19, 2010
1. well, I made it to octopus.. and it was lovely.. but I could not help but regret that I was missing Manta ray and my friends there.. Almost everyone at Octopus was a with their significant other… and that just made me depressed a bit. Luckily I met two other girls traveling by themselves at the resort and hung out with them while I was there.
2. I ate Tuna.. and I hate tuna.. If I eat tuna though, it will be the way that they cook it at Octopus.. or blue lagoon.. I eat fish.. in fiji.. at nice resorts.. and I love calamari.. in fiji.
3. Night time rolled around.. We played a questionnaire game.. and my team was good. Real good.. we kept winning.. basically all the alcohol .. champagne, more champagne, and more champagne.. and don’t forget some bounty shots.. oh dear.. after all that.. we had to do the talent show.. and well.. we started watching the other teams and decided we must jump in the pool and do synchronized swimming to two of our team mates attempting to play the guitar and my tambourine.. well needless to say.. my team won the talent show.. but we somehow lost overall. We could not unscramble “mbrlaleu” (umbrella) so we lost. Officially.. but I say we won .. we won big time.. cause we won the talent show.. 
4. I swam at night time again.. oh yeah. I love that.
5. I got a disgusting lunch packed for me at octopus.. they told me that I should take their boat “magic” back to the dock.. and that they would charge me the same as the yellow flyer –which they did-but I missed lunch –the good lunch-because it left at noon and they packed me a very yucky yucky wrap.. I was very upset considering they charge $70 for their food every day and you have to pay for it.. and I only got a decent dinner and breakfast..
6. Taking the boat “magic” back to the dock, was a very terrible was the second most dangerous boat ride I have been on out here in the south pacific.. and it was about two hours long ish.. I met a lovely lady on it, however we could not talk cause of how bumpy the ride was.. we were holding on for dear life. So people.. just take the yellow flyer home, its worth the wait.. your booty can thank me later for that recommendation.
7. I got to the dock and headed to Lautoka after that brutal boat ride.. went to the bank to get some cash from the atm and it said.. I did not have enough money.. and I thought well that is weird because I deposited 500 last week.. before I left and have not touched it cause I have been in the yasawas ever since.. soo I luckily found the receipt.. and well. I am not sure abou this.. but I think that the banker I deposited it with tried to steal it from me…. My money has always been deposited the day I bring it to the bank.. soooo. Not cool. It all worked out in the end.. but that is very sketch!
8. I forgot my food at octopus.. my backpacker food.. it was very sad.
9. I waited for a bus in Lautoka to take me on Kings highway up towards Raki Raki and ellington warf.. it eventually came.. and I made my way up towards that.. did I mention.. I had no idea where I was going or where I was going to stay.. I had a book I was using as a reference, but I was not sure which place would be closest to stay at…. That book saved my life.
10. I got to ellington warf and said is there a resort around here.. the lady showed me a brochure… and I was like.. alright they have dorms.. I’m going to go there.. can a boat come out.. (it was sundown at this point) and luckily they sent out a boat and I made it to safari lodge on nananu-i-ra island.. sooo lucky there.. I seriously lucked out big time.
11. The safari lodge is supposedly the windiest place in Fiji?? The best getaway for wind-surfers and kite surfers.. after this trip.. I would really like to learn how to kite surf!
12. I wakeboarded on a kite board.. first try.. oh yeah baby.
13. I really want to learn how to kite board.. but I do not know if my funds will let me.. considering how badly budgeted my traveling in Fiji was planned.
14. I really liked this resort.. it was a shame cause I got sick the second night and spent my last night of my break on the bathroom floor.. then I spent the rest of the next day sleeping.. and reading.. and relaxing.. feeling better eventually.
15. Took the 7 o clock pm bus back to Suva.. –blah.. back to the real world. School and such..
16. Spring break gone Fiji.. was thee best 10 days of mi life…in a row. True story.
17. Hopefully the bed bug nightmares stop soon.

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