Friday, November 12, 2010

Sharkssss! Here Sharkie Sharkie. Best Dive Ever.

Day 119: November 13, 2010
1. I saw the tiger shark! Actually I saw two different Tiger sharks.. ahhh. They were so cool.
2. It was quite funny because we did our first shark dive saw some bull sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, white tip/black tip sharks, and greyreef sharks, along with sooo many different kinds of fish.. It was sooo nice. I know I did the shark dive before in August, but, it almost did not feel real that time cause it was surreal. It was sooo cool to do it again.. I really enjoyed it more this time than I did the first.
3. Then we get in the boat for our 1 hour interval before doing our second dive and one of the staff who is in the water yells.. the Tiger shark is here. Come see. So I grab my snorkel and jump in the water and then.. boom boom boom. Here comes the tiger shark.. about 15-16 feet long.. maybe more.. and it was about 20 feet maybe.. belower me while I was snorkeling.. it was soooo big.. soo intense.. one of the most intense feelings was when it swam directly under me and I was like…….. oh shiiiii. It was sooo crazy.
4. You would think that if somebody yells tiger shark, that people would get out of the water… I thought it was quite funny how about half of the group ran and jumped in the water!! Ahah.
5. Tiger shark made my life.. I was soo bummed that I did not see one when I did my dive in August.
6. I got a photo with my camera.. its not the best.. but its better than nothing!!
7. The shark dive was soo neat when we went down for our second dive. Another tiger shark came around and then all the other sharks were there too. A white tip actually started going for one of the guys, swimming towards him.. and he punched it in the face.. intense right.. that white tip just wanted to get unusually close.
8. This shark dive has not had any bites or anything and have been operating for over ten years or something like that.
9. Basically.. the coral dive and the shark dive at beqa lagoon.. are the best diving I have done.. that’s out of.. about 16 dives, so not much, but still. It is seriously.. so incredible. I got to do a wreck dive as well and the reef that had developed on it was sooo beautiful.
10. Might I mention that beqa lagoon here in Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world.
11. I am now an advanced open water certified diver, my dive course was… sooooo good.
12. Now it’s Saturday.. and I really have to start studying..
13. I have been having issues with getting money out.. since I have no credit cards cause mine are in the ocean.. and… finally it has worked out……… finally.. no more losing my wallet, and I need to find a new wallet too.
14. I leave for Australia in 12 days………. Holy cow.
15. I saw a movie last night.. “unstoppable” it was pretty good. I felt a bit depressed and bought a popcorn and I just kept eating it and eating it… kinda like how some woman feel like they need chocolate sometimes..
16. I am popcorn deprived.
17. My stomach has been thinking about food in the states.. all the time.
18. It’s raining.. here in Suva.. big surprise right. No.
19. This is kind of old news..but I don’t know if I ever mentioned it.. I hitch hiked from beachhouse to suva once.. cause there was no bus coming.. and I cannot believe I made it back to suva.. on time for class… but I had to be to class because I had a presentation to do..
20. Happy birthday to Burcu & Rasmus.. and happy anniversary yesterday tooJ
21. I am getting a rash on my middle finger.. its really weird.. maybe its works, maybe its not.. I don’t know.. some kind of funky disease.. me no likey.
22. Did I ever mention.. I got my nose pierced? I don’t really like it though, but I’m going to see if it grows on me.. in the next month.. maybe I will end up liking it after all.?
23. I saw my first Harry Potter 7 commercials.. I almost cried. They are soooo good. I love harry potter!!!!!!!! Ahhh. Yes.. there is a midnight showing here.. and yes.. I will be seeing it one day before all of ya’ll back home……because.. althought fiji time drives me nuts… fiji time is about 1 day ahead of USA Time J sooooo I get to see harry potter first…….
24. This makes me very happy.
25. I really want to be home.. and be around everyone and feel the cold come in.. I need my winter… this summer is far far too long.

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