Sunday, May 22, 2011

flowers & sage brush

After a week of rain we finally had a wee bit of sunshine so I took it to full use and went on a mountain stroll. Yesssss! It was worth it, see the flowers, look up at the trees with white leaves and smelling the sage all to get this magnifique view below. One side you see North Ogden, the other side you see Ogden Valley.

It was myself and my sisters taking this stroll. We like to keep in touch with our nature-l side if you know what I mean. Worth it, yes, good exercise, yes... Looks like all signs point to yes when it comes to the thought of hiking. Also, I must mention, we had some people walking their goats behind us. I am now accepting applications for people who would like me to walk their goats up in the mountains...just contact me...via here and I'm sure we can arrange something :)

Nature, at one of its stages of life.

Not sure if it's exactly summer yet, but with days like today, I feel it's close, officially that is.

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