Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 beads & spring + dirty dashing

The sun is shining, it's feeling hot... I think it's spring now.. or actually maybe summer.
I had a little camera splurge earlier. You see, I was cooped up inside working on homework all day long. So I decided to go have a photoshoot outside for a bit. This included me, my camera, 5 beads, and whatever I found in between.
I roll like that.

Beads on trees.
Beads in seeds.
Beads on flowers.

Maybe this is a little odd... but

Beads on pirate dogs paws.
Yep:) this happened.

Also on an ending note...

I spent my Saturday up in Midway, Utah at the Dirty Dash. What is it? It is exactly what it sounds's a race and also an obstacle course that people go through (either individually or as a team) and dash and get dirty. Sound like fun? I sure think so! Wish I would have done it, but I could not, I was working on my internship. On another note, if you want to see what it is you can watch this video and it may give you a good idea :)
if that does not work then search
brookelee17 and click on "dirty dash"

My shoes were green when I got there, but when I left they looked like this...
Yeah, I know... it's sexy right.
It was a dirty day on Saturday :)

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