Wednesday, July 27, 2011

alien zombies in hammer pants

That was my paper topic for one of my classes this summer.
I just finished writing it.
It was about, what the next big thing is, the next big trend.
& I think it will be alien zombies in hammer pants.
just aliens
just zombies
just hammer pants.
I think one of the three will be a big hit.

I just got back from california today.
I walked in the ocean on Monday night as the sun was setting and saw at least 10 different stingrays, 20-30 times.
sounds weird I know, but it reallly happened.. I was walking with the stingrays scaring them & screaming with my lil sista.
The next day... 3 people got stung by sting rays..
It was probably a reminder to me that I got stung by a sting ray 3 years ago.
I'm just glad I did not get stung this time.. because... it really hurt.
Anyways.. here is some lovely images that were taken on this short expedition break during summer schoolin.

I turned into a mermaid.

played in the ocean & professed my love to it.

& my camera got stolen:(

Oh... and I married a couple, I was a deputy marraige commissioner for a day in the state of california....kind of a big deal.

I then played in my hammer pants with ma lil sis on the beach.

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