Saturday, July 23, 2011

zee ocean calls mee

One year & one day ago
I arrived in Fiji and lived there until the middle of December.
It was a great experience.
& I miss zee ocean & zee people that I met.

love you all.
& I am glad that I have finally reunited with the ocean.
It's been so long.

Thee Ocean has been calling me....
I have finally come to see her.

we reunited with a spiritual swimming session and boogie boarding expedition this evening as the sun was setting.

The ocean soothes my soul..
It makes me so sad that I have not been in it since I left Fiji
(my sweet island home).

so just checking in.
Currently in......Coronado, California

listening to the motion of the ocean and letting my soul relax to the rhythm of the waves.
& I'm wearing
my new pants from Thailand
makes me feel like a magical mermaid.

Also, I get to reunite with one of my long lost friends I met in fiji.
so excited :)

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