Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zee Waters of Bear Lake

I mentioned in my last post I was in bear lake at the first of this month.
It was marvelous.
I loved it all.
I loved being with ma lover.
So nice.
Oh.. & giddy romantic.
zoalright.zat cheesy.
We went inside a mountain @
Minnetonka cave
We found this & more inside
I found a new tree to hug & love
Then we went on an adventure to find ice, snow, or just an ice cave & ended up @
Paris Ice Caves

Found some indian paintbrush...oh yessss.

had a short.sweet.too the point meditation session.

& enjoyed the precious time I had with this fellow
The nature.
The company.
The essence of life.

From there we ended on a trek too.
water, two little rivers with freezing cold water
a nice little trail to follow.
We then followed a river and hiked by the side of it

had the crazy idea to do this:

Tube. Tube. Tubing down this little river we found.
It worked.
Luckily, I had tubes in my car too
Just in case this were to happen :)

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