Thursday, November 10, 2011


What from peacefulness and meditation to a mess full of stressful.
got the flu.
got financial aid, then got it all taken away.
blew out tire in my car, replaced.
car had a smoke attack, lost all its antifreeze & died.
paid to get that fixed.
decided I need a new car.
bought a used fairly new car.
Scion xb.
its a foxy boxy also known as the ice box. or icy for short.
things are looking up.
I'm in debt for the next 5 years, but hey, now I have a car that works well.
awweh yeah.
I finish my classes for school.. for undergraduates.. in one month.
Hells to the yeahs.

two snowboarding resorts opened up today.
Let it snow
I'm ready.

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