Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska Animal Count. I love thee animals.

I have seen 1 porcupine
over 50 Bald Eagles
 1 Humpback Whale
4 Beavers
 1 Bear
There have been many more animals I have seen, but I do not have photos of them quite yet. Anywho, On another note, I came across some hula hoopers late at night. They caught my attention due to light up hula hoops, rad, yes, did I join? Yes! Was it a good idea? Yes. Anyways, I have myself a hula hoop now thanks to one of my new friends.

I have visited the St. Theresa Shrine which is absolutely beautiful and I heard of it from a book which I got from my lover boy (Thank you baybee! you a sweetheart and a half). Such a peaceful place! I got to see a few seals bob their head up from the ocean blue and then I went past that area and came across that purty whale blowing water up the gazoo. It made me do a little dance, you see, cause I have never seen a whale in the wild.... YESSSSSSSS!

How can I forget about the beautiful hike I went on the other day in another part of town. The trees were massive and the roots were also pretty massive. It ended on a nice lovely beach area. The tide was low so the hike was a nice little moon sliver as we went from surviving the trees to the beach walk along the rocks. We came across a kayak and two campers and minced words with them. They were lucky enough to be kayaking around a pod of about 12 orcas earlier. Orcas are whales and I am extremely jealous of these two campers, I soooo want to be kayaking with a pod of orcas! Maybe I should add that on this hike I put a plant that is poisenous to humans in my mouth (if humans eat it), I had no idea, I'm a genius.... not, no worries, I be playing it much safer, no more plants in my mouth anymore.

Well, peace homies, let the sun shine please.

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