Monday, July 2, 2012

I got a bag

I done thangs. seee.

 Watch whales at the Seamart with the Volcano in the background...
I must hike that while I am here.

Go to crab fest and feast on crab.

 Watch Beautiful Sunsets at the Seamart parking lot.

 Yet another beautiful Sunset in Sitka, Alaska.

 How Beary Cute. Fortress of the bears.

Bahhh. Bahhh. sheep.

Run the "Only Fools Run at Midnight" Race
Go Team Worldly Tree Huggers!
note: Best body paint award goes to brooke & kyle

 Thimbleberry Trail, where I ate my first Salmon Berry.


Tree Huggers. Tree hugs are free hugs.

Hike up Gavin Trail with my amiga Jheryn. So beautiful.

 Stairs going up gavin trail.

Happy Fourth of July
Hug a tree, it's free.

A sunny day, a sunny slow day, & working

Fireworks, over the water.

Frolicking with my tambourine in Alaska


It's raining. I have had zero customers purchase something in the past two hours of work. I just want to curl up in a ball and watch gossip girl. I rented it from the library and it is soothing for me and my leg. I pulled a muscle in the race I ran, but I ran the whole entire race which was 3.1 miles. So high five to the girl with the painted legs. Yes I was dressed and painted as a worldly tree hugger [like the page on fb please]. Super exciting that my team won a prize for best body paint.. OH YEAHHHHHH. I bought some grapefruit juice and a honeydew and it is absolutely delicious. I have one month til a friend comes out to visit and I cannot wait and then I have 6 weeks til my lover comes to visit and I can't can't wait. So excited to see them both! Iyiyiyiiyiyi.

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