Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to Juneau

I'm back in Juneau


I miss Sitka.
I'm sad I had to say goodbye to my loverboy.

However, it is good to see all my old friends from Juneau.
They cool peeps.
 Hiking to a cabin for the night.

Orcas. -in the wild.

 baby starfish on ma face.


diving whale.diving eagle. on the way back from hoonah.

 pretty flowers.

Mt. Juneau.

Mountain unicorns.

Meditation. on top of Mt. Juneau.

 Mt. Juneau start.


Tree ma friend.

Pretty flowers.

Sandy beach.

Bye. Bye. Cruise ship.
 Laying on zee beach.


PS: Short story about the Hike to Mt. Juneau.

I walk outside on my day off and it's sunny and bright, so I think to myself, man I should hike. I stand and I stare at the mountains, that aren't bare, and decide right then and there, I want to be up there.

A random person from Brazil who happens to work on the cruise ship asks me for directions to a trail and I give him the directions and say that I am thinking of doing a hike as well. He asked if I wanted to come, and I said yes, if I can choose the trail. We ended up doing Mt. Juneau which is a pretty steep hike up, but worth it. After a long hike, running out of water and drinking my new brazilian friends water as he drinks out the stream and walks barefoot like a champ, we finally made it to the top. We had a little under an hour before we had to hustle down, he had to get to his ship by 3 pm and we left the top at 1:45 pm. We ran downhill and man, did that hurt my legs, and then he abandoned me and sorry, I'm going to run the rest of the way (he could not be late since he worked on the cruise ship). So he ran, and I walked down the rest of the mountain and good news, he made it at 3:00.15 pm., just in time that he didn't get in trouble. I made it home by 4:30 pm, I kept getting distracted with tree hugging and viewing and observations of the earth as I walked on down that mountain.

The end.

Running wild in free in this bright yellow sun, as it shines down once in a blue moon in this mostly rainy state of the loom.

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