Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Traveling with my Tambourine

Hiked Mt. Edgecumbe and on that same weekend it was
 Homeskillet Festival.
Homeskillet happens to be a music festival that is held here in Sitka each year. This year I was lucky enough to be able to go to it. Tickets were reasonable and the bands that were playing ended up being pretty marvelous. I had never heard of any of them and decided to youtube it so I could see what kind of music I was getting myself in the jiggy for. Ended up loving one of the bands "medicine for the people." If you have not heard of them, I reckon, you best be checking them out. They are very delightful people to be with and Hope, their percussionist is hypnotizing when she plays. I hung out with a few of them after their show and finally got the musical courage to whip out my tambourine and play with them. Who would have thought, I'm not musically challenged after all.

About my tambourine:

I do this thing, called traveling with my tambourine, it's kind of my thing, I bring it wherever I go. The first one I bought was in New York City, then I brought it back to Pennsylvania with me. It's name is "Rainee" after one of my good friends who worked with me in PA. From there it took flight with me to Utah and it lived with me there. Then when I moved to Fiji, so did my tambourine, and when I decided to hop, skip and jump to Australia and New Zealand, it also came with me to both those places, and back to Utah. Unfortionately that Tambourine broke, it still works, and I fixed it, but I glued the part together and decided it was time to leave that tambourine behind and get a sibling for it. It is currently living in Utah with my lover still. Needless to say, I invested in a new tambourine for me to travel with here in Alaska. It's name is "Bluebird" and it is very good at keeping me company and and saving me from bear chow.



What have I been up too lately, in a visual sense?
Well get some control and use the scroll
to roll on down and indulge.

Nahko and Chase from Medicine for the people.
You can sleep on my floor anytime friends.

Hope: Medicine for the people percussionist.
She is a such a unique individual, very easy going!

Sunset: first night of Homeskillet Festival
Releasing Eagles back into the wild.
Mckay came to visit from Juneau with Jessica (not pictured)

 My couchsurfer and friend from Australia, Gabrielle.
She visited for a couple days and was an excellent adopted roommate for the couple days she was here.

 One of the most beautiful sunsets I saw here in Sitka.

 Fish net hammock my friend Cherissa showed me.

 Rope Swing.

 Of course, I had to jump in, 1, 2, 3, times.

 Had a friend take me on their boat to a float house, then we kayaked, then I fly fished for the first time.

 and I saw my first brown bears in the wild. mama and her babe + other mama and her 2 babes.

My adopted maltese puppy, Sofie.

 Another day, another sunset.

 Hammock time's great.

Some may say I'm a dreamer, but baby, I'm just a doer. I make ma dreams come true.

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