Thursday, September 20, 2012

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

After finally getting a ride from the Canadians neighbor, we made it to Tagish for the night and then awoke early to bring the Canadian to work in Whitehorse. He let us take his car so I could get back to Skagway and explore some of the area too. So we got some coffee went to the shop, got a bite to eat and decided to go visit an animal preservation that was about twenty minutes away. I love animals! This place also happened to be close to a hot spring. I may love water and hot springs more that cheesy potatoes and after not being in one for over 5 months it was necessary for me to jump in. I asked the Taiwan girls if it was okay, just for 15 minutes because we were in a rush to get me back to Skagway and they said yes. So I went, paid the $11 to get in and soaked up that hot water for a mere 17 minutes before going back to the car. That was the first time in 5 days I had, kind of taken a bath. I didn't get the real bath that actually cleaned me til I got back to Juneau later that night.

I made it :) Yukon Territory

 Canada Flag and I
 Bought me some Canada Dry Gingerale in Canada.
 Me and zee squirrel
 I'm Horny? or Antlery.
 Ooooh so big.
 Taghini Hot Springs
 I love water. I'm a mermaid.
How fast I had to drive to get to the ferry in Skagway. Turns out, I took the long way and it took an extra hour. We got there at 4:07 pm and the ferry left at 4:15 pm. I was suppose to be there at 3:15 pm. So glad I made it.

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