Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Outdoor Pole Shoot

I have fallen in love with pole fitness and I have always loved the outdoors! So, you can imagine what joy I found in setting up my xstage and doing my first outdoor pole photoshoot with some friends earlier this week!!


I would like to think that this is the start to a movement, a outdoor pole movement. I have a feeling that if we set it up in more public places, the typical Utahn will have one of three reactions.

1. Cover there eyes, because pole is porn and we must be strippers.
2. Open there eyes wider and watch because they may think that we are strippers.
3. Realize that what we do is an artistic form of fitness and takes extreme strength and watch in awe.

Anyways, here are some shots from the shoot. My friends and I drove down to the Saltair and ended up by a large rock where we sat up the pole and did photo after photo after photo, with a few snake interuptions.

So .. Much .. Fun ..

 My Favorite Pose
 Get it.
Attempting Elegance 

Sometimes, you have to be a little funny and make a "rawr face," and then a photo of you ends up looking like a bad edit with your legs cut off (middle photo). I still can't stop giggling.

I Love Pole.

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