Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hawaii. I got Leid.

Nov. 27th - Got leid in Hawaii?
I arrived in Hawaii and shortly after got lied by my bestie Lizzy with a beautiful purple floral lei. I don't know about you, but getting a beautiful plumeria lei when entering Hawaii is pretty awesome! Thanks for the wonderful welcome Lizzy!

November 28th - Wake up! Wake up!
Slept in, we were so tired. After this we went to the each and relaxed. we did a hike on the west side of the island to a cave that had a spectacular view! We limbed a bit further than necessary and got altitude lost but it was well worth the trip! My water bottle fell twice on the way down and, well, so did I. 
Later, Lizzy introduced me to San Lorenzo bikini in Waikiki and.... I'm obsessed. Bonus factor of the day, it was Black Friday so the store was having a big sale #winning. We walked along Waikiki, watched the sunset and snagged a table at dukes for dinner and birthday hula pie. Have you ever tried hula pie? It is only one of the most delicious desserts on the island. Oreo crust, ice cream, hot fudge, macadamia nuts... Need I say more. YUM!


November 29th - Mermaids diving the deep blue
Today is our dive day, we booked a trip with Hawaiian diving tours and did two dives. Our first one was a wreck dive and it was magical. I Saw a turtle that was my height withy mega huge shell (holy moly) that was neat. There was also a white tip reef shark and 3 spotted eagle rays that came by there k. At 110 feet, I would say this dive was pretty wonderful. We laid on the beach and relaxed after before grabbing a bite to eat at this cool breakfast joint in Waikiki and then headed over to Pearl Harbor. 
What to say about pearl harbor other than wow, if you are in Honolulu, you should stop by and see it. Wow!
Later that night Lizzy and I went to the Top of Waikiki for drinks. It had a beautiful view and happy hour is a must! We went out to some clubs with a group of friends... And the next day I woke up with bite mark bruises on my shoulder. So I suppose it was a good night.....

November 30th - Sunday Bumday
Today we woke up a wee bit later after having a late night or early morning down in Waikiki. We decided to drive to the North Shore, but first, pineapple. We stopped at the dole plantation and rode the train, soaked in the sun and wind and then ate pineapple ice cream (Delicious, by the way). Then we proceeded to drive to the north shore and lizzy crashed for a nap. I attempted, but then suddenly, I started taking creeper photos of lizzy sleeping and of the scenery and then I slipped on my mask and snorkel and scooted over to the fishies in the deep blue. I love the ocean. It soothes my soul.
Later, Lizzy and I went to another beach and watched the sunset and it was worth it, so beautiful and a different kind of sunset than the one we had seen at Waikiki the night before. Love Hawaii, love the ocean and love being with great company.

December 1st - Catch up Day

Today Lizzy had to work and it reminded me that I am moving to New Zealand in 2 days. Oh Shiiiiiiiii. So I had to get my visa paperwork in tact, find a hostel to stay at, etc etc etc. I then walked down to the Honolulu Zoo, talked to the animals and then ended at the beach of Waikiki and snorkeled some more. I randomly got asked to join a little surf boat thing, so I did that and surfed some waves as well, fun stuff.
After Lizzy got off work we went and hiked to a Lighthouse on the East Shore as the sun was setting. We seemed to have good timing with everything, because that sunset was also remarkable!

December 2nd - Downtown Honolulu and Waterfall Madness
Today Lizzy worked and I explored downtown a wee bit. I started by going to the Iolani Palace and walked around the outskirts of it taking photos. Then I decided I was going to go back to Waikiki to relax on the beach before doing a waterfall tour. After a long walk and then deciding to get a ride from the app lyft, I finally made it to Waikiki. I rented a surfboard, layed on the surfboard for an hour, catching no waves (I don't know how to surf, but I tried), then I went to catch my tour.
Manoa Falls was a little slice of heaven and the hike up to it was magical. I encountered a bamboo forest, which in my eyes, is a forest full of poles #poledancerheaven. When I got up to the waterfall, I soaked my soul under the waterfall and spent time pondering what I was about to do the next day (move to New Zealand). Manoa falls was so peaceful and I absolutely loved it.
Later that night, Lizzy and I went to this sweet cafe -- you grab ingredients and cook soup in front of you. It was delicious, and definitely worth trying out. Yummy Yum Yum. 


December 3rd - Off to New Zealand #brookeinwanderland

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