Friday, January 23, 2015

Off to Wanderlust

Life just doesn't seem to slow down. I just worked my last day at a local restaurant here in Queenstown and now, I am free. I was a waitress for about 6 weeks, put my two week notice in after 4 weeks, and today after getting thrown in the lake by my co-workers, I am free. FREEDOM. Shortest job of my life!

After you graduate from University, you think you're a grown up, you think you've made it in life, you think you are going to get awesome jobs ... and maybe you will... and maybe you won't. I, for one, did not think I would be waitressing at the age of 25, but here I am living in Queenstown and waitressing at 25, again. I haven't done that since I was 21, but hey, you got to start somewhere or in my case, you have to suck it up and take what you can get. Considering I arrived in Queenstown just before Christmas came, the pickings were slim and I needed to suck it up and apply for jobs that were... not my top pick.... hence waitressing. It wasn't all bad though, turns out my co-workers were pretty close to awesome and it was sad to say goodbye to that job for that reason.

That being said, Sunday I magically saw one of my favorite musical artists was in New Zealand, I looked up if they had a show and .. they did .. at a festival called Wanderlust in Taupo. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, could I make it up to Taupo for this?" Then I looked up tickets... and died.. $595. No way in Hell I could afford that. However, turns out they were still looking for volunteers for Wanderlust, so, on Monday I applied to be a volunteer at Wanderlust and Tuesday, I found out I got accepted. Yesterday I bought a plane ticket to Auckland and now I'm #FunEmployed again and off to explore, volunteer, do yoga and other stuff I'm sure.

Do you want to hear my plan for this trip???? It's super detailed...

  • Buy a plane ticket to Auckland or Wellington, check.
  • Hitch a ride to Bay of Islands and stay there for a couple days
  • Hitch a ride to Lake Taupo and go to Wanderlust 
  • Hitch back to Queenstown... not sure when yet, but before Feb 23rd when Pole Camp starts.

So, as you can see, I'm quite the planner. I'm kind of freaking out a little, but so excited for this random trip that is about to happen. It needs to happen. It's going to happen in

Note: That when I talk about waitressing above, I'm not trying to speak down to people who waitress. I, simply, did not come to Queenstown to waitress, I came here to work in the tourism industry with a tour operator and I still plan on making that happen. I just came at one of the absolute worst times to find a job in the tourism industry so I had to accept other jobs that I was not to fond of. No disrespect to waitresses though.. Fo' Real.

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