Thursday, February 19, 2015

Colossal Squid and Circus Play makes Wellington a Perfect Place

Feb. 9 - 12
Wellington -- a Windy City

It started raining... and pouring as the bus roared into Wellington. I was tired, hungry and so eager to see my tribal sisters! As the bus slowed into the parking space at the bus station in Welly, I got out, grabbed my bags and took four steps before the doors to Mcdonalds open and Sara and Emily welcomed me with open arms, french fries, and a soda. So good to see these girls!! We drove around to get some tea at this cute place and then went to a gymnastics place to pick up Emily's boyfriend. As soon as we walked into the gymnastics place, my eyes opened with aweee! It was beautiful and it made me feel like I should probably move to Wellington because they were very circus friendly. I miss circus life or circus wannabe life in Utah #kairosfamily.

Dreams do come true:
We all cuddled when we got home and relaxed before falling asleep and then the next day Emily and I went to the Te Papa Museum. This means... That I finally got to meet the Colossal Squid in Te Papa. The one, the only colossol squid on display and the one and only colossal squid that has been caught in the deep sea of Antartica. I watched a documentary in 2008 and when I visited here in 2010, I tried to meet the squid, but I was shunned because the museum was closing. I always said I would be back and see it... and I finally did. Oh Happy Day... Feb. 10 will now and forever more be.... our anniversary colossal squid... just saying. 

After the museum madness Emily went to teach yoga and I went to Cuba Street to pole dance. I found a studio online called Body Electric Pole Studio and decided to give it a whirl. What started with me attending open pole, turned into me attending a pole grooves and intermediate class. My body was so sore still from the Tongariro Crossing, but how could I say no to more pole. I miss pole, it completes me so I stayed and played more pole.  I made up a short little freestyle to my favorite song at the moment -- click below to watch :)

I got to the gymnastics place and felt absolutely ravished, but I wanted to play and so I went in and started working on my back handsprings for the first time... in a long time. I did it with froggy legs and well, I'm pretty happy with that. #HighFiveSelf I want to live here and play circus all the time. weeeeeee.... I'm tempted.. I'm not going to lie! 

AND THEN: Emily and I woke up feeling rather lazy the next day -- Feb. 12 -- but once we did, we drove over to Breaker Bay and walked along the beach and then joined her loverboy at a cute little restaurant called "The Gypsy Kitchen." This place was adorable. They cook... whatever the feel like cooking out of organic ingredients and then they sell it ... for whatever price they feel like selling it for. They say the price on the spot generally and have a very lovely area to sit in as well. On a side note -- I just found out on these places opened in Queenstown -- goodbye money... not that I have much left (hahaha -- seriously though).

Evening came by and Sara came and joined forces with us and we went to do the Kiwi thing since we had a nice sunny day with little to no wind in Welly. We got fish and chips and went down to the wharf where there was a playground. Such good company... and such a good sunset... and such a good playground.

 Tomorrow I leave Wellington and it's bitter sweet, I feel like me, Sara and Emily have been friends for ages and I know I'll see them again, but I felt at home a bit in Wellington with them. I even got to do my laundry at Emily's and she let me leave my clothes in the dryer all day... because it made me feel like I was at home for a bit. That was a good feeling ... not going to lie.. tomorrow -- on the road again. 

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