Saturday, February 14, 2015

Raglan... And onward to Okahune

I like Sunflowers: They are my Favorite.

Feb. 3
Well I'm at a place called "Scott's Place" and it has a nice little zen garden. Got a ride into town and swam in the ocean at ngarunui beach in raglan... I like this place.

Feb. 4
Went to town and hitchhiker to solscape to see an old co-worker. This resort was neat because it had teepees and earth domes. I could work here. I also lost my phone and I went back to try and find it and got lucky. Someone turned it into i site. 

Feb. 5
Happy two month anniversary self, I've been in nz for 2 months. 

I decided attempt to surf today. I did catch a wave and I did stand up and actually surf. I also got out and paddled thru the surge and... Oh my hell, the waves, the ocean was a powerful force. I later got abandoned by my ride which was fine because they I got to be free. I swam in the ocean and laughed as the current tried to pull me out, it was quite the workout I later found someone to hitch with to ohakuna that night... So I hitchhiked with this stranger and he was cool at first and then got creepy... Not into it... At all. Lesson learned. 

Feb. 6
After dealing with creepy guy and getting close to no sleep. I got dropped off at the library in ohakuna at 5 am with all my things. It was raining, pouring and dark so I skyped Lucy with the library's wifi. Thank god for that cause it was freaking cold. Bah! I then got a hot coffee at 8 when the shop opened and made it to a hostel where I wwoofed for my accommodation. Tomorrow I hike the best hike in nz, the tongariro trail and then up Mt. Doom... Dun.dun.dun. On a side note .. Happy waitingi day nz.

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