Thursday, April 16, 2015


As some of you may know, I'm kind of a social media geek. It facinates me and I use to work in marketing and public relations for 3 years once upon a dream. So when I saw an instameet was happening in Wanaka (about an hour drive from Queenstown) I figured I had to go to it. I had nothing stopping me, since I'm unemployed and such, so I packed a bag, and started my trip over. I've been on a budget as you may have read in one of my recent posts "No money, no problem." So my option was to hitchhike to Wanaka. It took me 3 hitches to get over there, but I made it. I even got to cuddle with an 8 week old puppy for my last hitch and she was so adorable. #myheartmelted #ilovepuppies #imissmyanimalbabies

Meet Ginga:

Anyways once I got to Wanaka I went straight to the venue for the first "workshop" with Liz Carlson and then continued onto the the opening barbecue and met some other social media nerds. I loved it, it was great to meet some like minded people trying to follow there dreams, share there passion, etc. #biglove 

I got some great pictures of #thatwanakatree when some of the people wanted to do an #inceptiontrain taking a picture of it. I love this picture...
The next day I went to two more workshops. The first was with Matt V about Hyperlapse and the second was with Chris Burkard. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. So, now here I am, sitting here with all these new instagram accounts to look at and I'm drooling over these photos. I think I'm in for a big project soon and you want to know what it is?? 

I'm going to learn how to surf. 

So goodbye Queenstown, I'm leaving you this weekend after I perform at the Burlesque show at Blue Kanu on Friday. 

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