Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On the Road .. Again?

Queenstown, it's been real, but it's time to peace out.... again.

Friday night, I had my pole performance in a burlesque show at Blue Kanu, Saturday morning, I was off and hitting the road, yet again. A friend brought me to Frankton and then I started hitching from there. I was picked up by a group of travelers heading to Dunedin to get some "medicine" and then dropped off in a terrible spot for hitching. I spent about an hour there, hanging out, walking a bit to try to find a better spot and was picked up by a guy in a truck who was able to bring me to a better spot. Once I got that far, I waited again and I got picked up by a group of 4 guys in there late 30's/early 40's who were drunk... so drunk and they had toilet paper hanging outside of the car as they were driving... a lot of it. All of them were drunk, except for the driver #safetyfirst. Although this hitchhike offer seemed skeptical, because, believe me, it definitely was, I decided to go for it and accept the ride. I was lucky enough to ride in the back middle seat, in the center of all the testosterone... #luckyme. 

Anyways, I caught a ride with these guys #goodsouls and since they were already drinking, they had to pee. I sat in the middle seat with the driver in the car and watched as the guys stepped 3 meters from the car and peed in all different directions and thought to myself "Pole dancing in a burlesque show to hitch hiking with 4 middle aged dudes who are all peeing in different directions in my "Brooke bubble (extends to 3 meters of don't touch me)" alright #weird #butfunny." Anyways I made it safe and sound to Wanaka and then caught a ride with a guy from France who I met the day before when I hitched to Frankton. In our 10 minute conversation to Frankton it came up that I was headed up the west coast the next day and it was looking like he was too, so he offered me a ride and I said, possibly and then decided to take him up on that offer because --  hey, if a ride is offered and they don't seem #toocreepy then you should take it. He passed the #notcreepytest.

So... on to the next hitch. I get to Wanaka, meet up with my hitch from the day before and his friend (also from france) and we began our journey onward to the west coast of NZ. They wanted to work on there english so I became an english teacher as we drove and in return I learned french. Only, I don't remember much of the french... I should have written my french lesson down #fail. On a side note... French is so sexy, I mean, really. I thought pole dancing made me feel sexy, but I was wrong, speaking french makes me feel sexy. Imagine if I learn to speak french and continue to pole dance -- then I will feel really sexy - hahahaha - #ithinkimfunny #itsgoingtohappen. 

Long story short, I was only going to hitch with them, camp a night, then move on, but when you find good company and you really have no where to be, why not chill a little. eh?

We went camping at the start of the copeland track, just before franz joseph where we got attacked by sandflies, stargazed and ate mystery food in the dark. Let me tell you about the mystery food real quick -- I believe it was noodles, cream of mushroom and chopped mushrooms (I chopped the mushrooms, so I know there was that). I don't really like mushrooms much, but I have learned to not be as picky of an eater since my diet is... shit. Yes it's shit. I eat terribly, I budget eat, I buy food on a budget and I try to eat oats with a smile on my face. They were good once, now, oats are just mush, I hate mush, but I eat mush, alot. Anyways on a side note, eating the mushrooms, pasta and cream of mushroom mystery surprise in the dark was such a foodgasm. My tastebuds were having an orgasm every bite which has led me to decide that... I really like mushrooms now. #foodiestatus #eatinthedark. I just wanted to inform everyone about that.
DISLAIMER: I WILL NEVER EAT BEANS -- I'm still claiming I'm allergic, unless I go to South America, which I will.

Later that night, it was dark, we were star gazing and we heard a helicopter. Our first reaction was to hide because we thought we had been caught. (We were camping in an area that was maybe okay for camping, but maybe not). So we attempted to hide for some reason before realizing we were being silly. The helicopter came down and stopped on the heli pad that was 30 meters from us and we watched it land and drop off a girl. We went over and chatted for a while and it appeared she had torn a tendon, the helicopter was going to get her family and then they were headed off in the helicopter to a hospital in Christchurch.  So that was interesting... it was like I was in the hunger games or something cool like that. It's pitch black and you think you are alone and then bam, helicopter in the pitch blackness lands right by you. 

Next day we headed into Franz Joseph and met up with a friend of mine from "Instameet." We all hung out and went on a hike that was suppose to lead to hot springs, and we saw the hot springs, across the river, but decided to turn back because it may be a little too risky, it was getting dark, etc. We got back and cooked indian food at my friends house before heading into town for a drink and then taking the boys to see glow worms. GLOW WORMS. Glow worms. That is probably one of the hardest things that these french guys learned in english because they had no idea what they were. Anyways, glow worms are cool, you should go see them if you get the chance. They are worms and they glow a nice green light on there bums. They hide in dark places and it's like a starry sky on the wall. #ooohyeah #glowwormlife.

Next we drove onward and split ways, they went onto Christchurch and I am now in Arthurs Pass National Park, sick with a cold, drinking tea, living off oats and eggs, wishing I had more groceries (no grocery store here really, but there is hiking) and that I wasn't sick. I was only going to stay one night, but when I woke up this morning I felt sick with a cold and it has conquered me. I have no motivation to move and decided I need to stop and take care of myself for a second. 

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