Saturday, October 23, 2010

Seqa Na Leqa ... & I love Utah Football

DAY 99: October 24, 2010
1. I went on another field trip and .. my friend got stung by a crown of thorns.. I laughed, and then realized he was probably in a lot of pain. Anyways to sum it up, he lived and he is okay.. and I’m a terrible friend for laughing, but it was sooo funny.
2. I have almost finished my clay project for art.
3. Indian dancing.. is superb
4. I have not been able to sleep well at my new home, not yet. Well last night was ok, but before that. Iyiyi
5. The cats started meowing a lot, two of them, I think they were mating. Funny thing is, they were not my cats, they were just on my front porch mating. I now have one cat no and its name is funky.
6. I went to fashion show week, the Friday night part of it. It was me, Cindy, and Sonia.. and we got the $50 dollar tickets, but were able to go to the V.I.P. section because Sonia hooked us up J. There were free drinks and cheese and crackers. It was soo high class.. the most high class function I have been to here. Lots of imported people and a couple of Fijians.
7. We danced the night away while we were there and everybody just thought we were crazy. We decided that they were just jealous cause they could not dance easily due to their extensive high heels. I have never seen so many people in high heels in Fiji.. In fact I had not seen one person in high heels until thee other night.
8. It was such a good girls night.. we ended it with Mcdonalds.. which I could not afford cause I was out of money.
9. Luckily, the next day.. I got money, vinaka refund check.
10. This is the first weekend I have stayed in Fiji since, I don’t even know. I have left basically every weekend, but I decided I was tired and needed a break, so I stayed.
11. Me and Cindy dedicated out Saturday to shopping.. first Pure Fiji, then off to the handicraft market, then tapoo, then MHCC… and then the supermarket.. we had to get stuff for spaghetti sauce.
12. Cindy has 23 kilos (50 pounds roughly) of pure fiji, I told her to stop, but she would not listen.. My point being.. one bag that you check can not be more than 23 kilos when you check it at the airport. Hahaha-we have to buy her a new bag. On the up side, she is set for the next 2 or 3 years with Pure Fiji.
13. I met a guy selling handicrafts (carved wooden things) who went to BYU in Utah.. crazy right. He got a scholarship for basketball.. and his name is Racash..? look it up. Haha. Pretty cool eh.. minus the fact it was BYU not Utah that he went to.
14. I bought too much stuff..dear little brothers that are bigger than me.. I don’t know what to get you for Christmas, but I got you something and you better like it.
15. Dear sisters, I wish I would stop buying stuff for you.
16. After a long day of shopping, me and Cindy were burned out and cooked, yes we both cooked a nice dinner of mashed potatoes, chicken, and salad.
17. So I was suppose to go to the “Fun Day” Fuction that the tourism department was having, but when talking to my friend she made it sound like it was at night.. so as night time rolled around, I walked to lower campus, which is where it was going to be held, just to find out I missed it.. and it was 10 am, not 10 pm.. L I was super bummed.. I know it was called a fun DAY not a fun NIGHT, but I was under the impression by the bad communication in fiji that it was a night thing, I even helped plan it, what the hekkkk.? Anyways.. I was a bit sad.. and mad because I walked all the way over there in the dark, which is scary .. and then two dogs started chasing me and I thought they were going to bite me open.. L .. I made it home safely.
18. Me and Cindy are in the process of making Bula Mi Fiji 6.. its going to be good.

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