Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home in 50 days??

Day 101: October 26:
1. This happened last week, but I felt I should mention it because I forgot. Last Friday.. I took 6 taxis in one day. Yep. That’s like a record. I took one to the museum, back from town, from lower campus to upper campus and from upper campus to my house, then shared one with cindy and sonia to get to fashion week and took one home from there too. Pretty insane eh?
2. I have recently began learning French. It may sound weird because I am in fiji so maybe I would learn Fijian or hindi ( I know a little of both), but french is where its at.. cause I am living with two frenchy canadians. C’est suif.
3. I need to shop for a Halloween costume.. asap, even though most of fiji does not celebrate Halloween.
4. I had no idea it was daylight savings this past weekend. I found out Monday morning when I got to class as it was ending. I was so mad, I was suppose to do my presentation.
5. Daylight savings in Fiji-we move up one hour in time and me no likey. I already had time go forward in April back home.
6. I have officially bought three of my plane tickets, the main ones.. Nadi, Fiji to Brisbane Australia
Sydney, Austrailia to Christchurch, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand to Nadi, Fiji
Then I stay here for two days and leave December16 at night time for Los Angelos, California…. And I still need to buy my ticket from there to Utah.. hmm.
7. I leave for Australia on November 25, two days before mis compleanos (birthday). Everything I have buying for myself here and when I got over to Australia and NZ is for my birthday.. haha.. I think I am getting a little spoiled.
8. I need to cook Funfetti
9. I ate at the fancy restaurant in town (Taki’s) Its on a boat and the boat just stays parked next to the sea wall all the time. It made me super dizzy, it kept rocking every 10-15 seconds and it was weird, I don’t think I will go there again.. but I must share this, I got calamari, that is seafood, I ordered seafood, that is rare, first time actually. I also tried baby octopus and ate a tentacle.. not sure how I feel about it, but I probably wont eat it again. I tried it, and that makes me content in life.
10. Less than two more weeks of classes then its study break.
11. I have moved out and off of campus, and I absolutely love it so much more. I might have mentioned that already, but I mentioned it again so booyeah…
12. 30 more days till I leave for austrailia
32 more days till its my 21st birthday
50 more days till I head home, but it’s probably more like 51-52 till you see me at home.
I can’t wait for all of the above, I just want to be done with school already
I want to travel already, it will make the time go by faster
And I want to be home already to see everyone cause I miss everyone so much, loverboy, sisters, rest of family (ma family, yo family, loverboys family, etc) and friends! I miss you too friends.
Pray for snow!!! I would like that to be there when I get home too!!
Day 102: October 27, 2010
1. One month till my birthday…just saying. It’s a big deal (in America)-21..
2. I have about 7 more days of classes.
3. I wish I was done with school
4. I need to do riversfiji asap.
5. I watched 3 episodes of vampire diaries.. and it was sooo good, I must watch more. It was like having a stash of chocolate for me.. which I have that too. It made me feel very American to eat my chocolate and watch my tv series.
6. That’s all for now. Choi.

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