Monday, November 1, 2010

The Longest summer of my Life.

Day 107: November 1, 2010
1. I have been staying up so late and waking up late, I am fully adapted to fiji time.
2. I went to class, just like I always do.
3. I went to govindas twice in one day, there ice cream, its so heavenly.. I would have to say I think it’s the best ice cream in the world, that I have tried thus far.
4. I had to make a decision.. Halloween party or climb Mount Victoria (the highest mountain in Fiji? Here is why I wanted to go do each one…………
Halloween party at Uprising – Wisconsin group of friends was going, I could wear my mermaid Halloween costume that I made, and it was the last time I would get to spend a weekend with this group.
Mount Victoria – I had it on my Fiji Checklist, to climb the highest mountain in Fiji. I could not do it by myself safely, It would be cheaper to go with the group (consisted of French canadians, French, germans, and me), and it was arranged to stay in Lavai village at the foot of the mountain by one of our professors.
I was pretty sure this would be my only chance to go and do it, be safe, and check it off my Fiji list, so after comparing the two, I decided that I would do the climb for Mount Victoria over celebrating Halloween at the Uprising, however; I did bring my Halloween costume.. and when we got to the top of the mountain I put it on. Pretty sure I was the first mermaid ever to be on the top of the mountain!!
5. YESSS! I climbed the highest Mountain in the whole country of Fiji. It is 1,324 meters roughly, why may not be that high compared to all the other mountains in the world, but its huge for Fiji Mountains sooooooooo. I feel accomplishedJ
6. We stayed in Lavai Village from Saturday to Sunday and Halloween day we did the hike.
7. I have had a hard time with village stays, it’s the food that really kills me. I’m such a picky eater and I know it and I am too set in my ways and stubborn to overcome it. However, what I was getting at… is that this was the best village stay out of the three villages I have stayed at.
8. Here is a cool fact, in the village, we stayed in the house of the man who was in charge of the village land, he owned it and he owns MT. Victoria. It’s the house where our professor stays as well. It was very cool, this man was a good 94 years old and his wife was 87. They were both in such good shape for their age it was incredible!! I hope I am in shape like them when I get that old.
9. The village children, so cute, me and Cindy gave them cookies and candy.
10. We danced after and during our kava ceremony, we would drink kava then we would dance then we would sit back down and drink kava then we would dance. The chief asked me to dance the first dance and well, I was honored, other than I was unsure what dance moves I should do and shouldn’t do. Wanted to be as conservative as possible in my sulu and not make any sudden, vulgar, or fast movements. (slow steps, arms doing the waves, tropical like island dance is what I stuck too, with a nice clap every now and then).
11. When we were drinking kava the kids were all pointing and choosing which one of us they were going to dance with next. It was hilarious. They got shouted at every now and then by the elders of the village because they were giggling so much. It was soo funny, so cute.
12. Lavai Village and the hike to Mount Victoria was a such a great way to spend my weekend.
13. The bus ride back was so brutal from Tabua to Suva. It took about 5 hours, we got stuck in the mud (kings road is not fully developed) and it was very muddy because it had been raining that day and well it has been raining in Suva for everrrrrrrrrrrr.
14. All me and Cindy could think about was Mcdonalds the whole bus ride, we were so starved, we both had a hard time eating in the Village and just wanted a nice healthy Mcdonalds meal.
Luckily, the Mcdonalds in Suva is now open 24/7 soooo we went there upon our return, it was the best Mcdonalds meal I have ever had in my entire life. It’s healthier too, than back

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