Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twisted Silk

Silk it up baby.

My newest hobby is aerial silks. What is it? It's a piece of silk (fabric) that is around 12 yards long and hung on something high. The aerial part is when someone uses the silks by climbing, twisting, lifting, dropping, and entangling themselves in the silk. This type of dance, activity, what ever you want to call it is used in the circus. It is neat, elegant, and intense. I will post a video on youtube sometime or maybe on here if I can figure it out.

I first decided and well, heard about aerial silks 2 years ago and I have been wanting to do a class. Finally I was able to find a studio that offered it and I got an excellent deal. I started just two months ago in February and have been going every week. I have got arm muscle from it, which is insane, because I have always had flabby chicken arms, but now, I don't. I am beginning to appear muscular de la arms. Awesome, right! I sure think so.

One more note, I think I am partially in love with doing aerial silks because ever since I was little I wanted to be Arial from The Little Mermaid. I know, neither of these have anything to do with each other, but hey, it makes me happy :)

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