Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jump: but not without my bungy

The Bungee Plunge
Has anyone ever heard of bungy jumping? It's not so popular here in Utah, but it exists and it is quite the rush. I have done it 3 times now, twice in Idaho and once in New Zealand. I thought I killed myself the first time I jumped, but clearly I did not. I lived, I still breathe, eat, drink, walk, talk, and live it up -ehohhh..ehoh- Yesssss. It's a lot safer if you use a bungee cord instead of a vine.

Of course, people still do bungee jump in the style above. It's a tradition on the small island of Vanawatu. However it has now expanded as a recreational adventure activity, especially in New Zealand. I did the highest one in the NZ, but they have at least 6 areas for bungee jumping there!

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