Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Snow Shredding - Look Mom, No Pants.

Below is the general attire people wear for going snowboarding...
as every winter season comes to a close I like to switch it up. Usually I do this with my best friend during spring break, but unfortunately she could not make it out here this season. Therefore I started a two day tradition. One day I dress down and make my little sister dress down with me :). Yes I wear booty bottoms and a t-shirt and she wears a tank and shorts. We made it to the top of the mountain and down, more than once. We are kind of a big deal here, or maybe we are just straight up bad-ass.
Yes (consider it)!
So below is us at the top, we look like were warm, but were not, it was a wee bit windy making it to be 15 degrees Fahrenheit. So a little chilly up top ehh.

Tomorrow is my last day riding this season and I can't help but feel a little sad, a little lost and a little sunburnt after today. I am ready for summer to come, but not this way, not now, I'm getting my winter groove on, round 2, now. Since I don't really have a choice and I don't really control natures path, I will have to deal. This leads to tomorrow being thee....
"mega-tutu may/bikini eh day."
Yes, this is a regular occurrance and I dedicate it to my bestie, miss lizzy s. (happy birthday to her today, she is 21---oii). May our tutu days live on--snowboards, tutus, and best friends, every winter! We shall drink margaritas to that next time we celebrate.

So prepare yourself: tutu day is tomorrow, not to mention it's cinco de mayo.

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