Sunday, June 3, 2012


Alright, it's been just over 3 weeks here in the Alaskan abyss and I have learned many things. One is not to anger a porcupine, it may not be able to shoot quills at you, but it can give you an evil eye like no one can. It's true, that happened. Another thing I have learned is that there is gold in the river, I got some gold flakes from a man down by the river.... "I'mmmmmm Rich!!!" Not really though, the gold flakes do not even qualify as a pennies worth.

Guess what it rained, on another note, the sun showed through too. I have now seen 4 almost fully blue sky days with few clouds now. Those days are magical, more magical than disneyland! Also, I went fishing, but not with a fishing pole, just in a way that I watched people fish and that to me qualified as fishing. Oh shoot now, I forgot to mention the bars here, they are interesting, I have finally gone to some with a few friends of mine from around here and they are not like fiji bars, not like utah bars, but alaska funky bars. Funky in the sense that on the dance floor, people wear xtra tuffs (the official alaskan boot). Thats classy up here, people are friendlier when you have xtra tuffs, however, I do not have xtra tuffs, they are a bit pricey and considering the extreme budget I have been cut down too here I cannot afford them.

Have I mentioned the color blue and I that I found a place to enjoy the color blue. I am speaking of a glacier, the mendenhall glacier.. I indulged in a kayaking and canoeing adventure out to the glacier, I touched the glacier and I realize that was not a good idea to get up close to the glacier after I got close. No worries though I got out safe and sound and got some amazing photos, now you can feast on ice, mum, you should enjoi that since you love ice. On another note, the water was so cold exactly the way I like my smoothies that my lover boy makes me. Soooooo cooooooool! Anywho, glacier was amazing... and that is that. Photos to come, sooner or later and more detail too!
Loading up the cars for kayaking!!

Lounging by the glacier

making brownies
kayaking blokes

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