Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Island in the Sun

Here I am on Catalina Island, also known as Avalon, California. It is sunny, with warm ocean water to play mermaid in, touristy things to splurge on, and bright orange giant goldfish swimming around the shorelines.
It is a beautiful island, how can I not love it?
I just wish I had someone to share it with.
Loverboy Imissyou.
I work and stare at the ocean, every day
and then I go jump in and play.

Just so happens I am here for jazztrax, its a big jazz music festival and on Thursday, I scored a free ticket for wandering in the same place an old man was wandering (turns out his friends got held up at the airport and didn't make it, so free ticket for me).

Did I mention, the jazz show I watched, had tambourines involved. It spoke to my soul, so glad that I happen to travel with my tambourine! It's a little different, but hey, its one of my best travel buddies :)

Photo from Jazz festival.

Everyplace I seem to travel too, there is always a place where I feel at peace. Here, this is it.
Descanso Beach.
My favorite beach, and not just for the comfy chairs and wild deer that seem to frolic by.

It's a nice chunk of earth. I like it.

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