Sunday, October 14, 2012

me llamo arroyo

¿Quieres ver lo que es una sirena de verdad se parece?
[[Want to see what a real mermaid looks like?]]
A real mermaid looks like me....

Hooooray, I can attempt to speak spanish here.
Do I speak it well?
Yes, if your an idiot and don't know spanish..
 no, if you actually speak spanish.
Honest Truth.

I been wandering the streets of Avalon just about every night since I got here. I have adopted about 4 people as my friends along the wandering. They speak spanish, therefore, I attempt to speak spanish.

Want to see my lil' alley to my new home :
pretty, right?

So glad this girl came to see me :)
My amiga Mckel decided to come visit, only for 3 short days, but, they were 3 very fun short days. We wandered the streets together, went to the beach, kayaked, won deal or no deal, twice, went to zee hot tub, ate lots of food, listened to some jazz with our pina coladas. Good times. So glad she came out, it was very very fun! Some much needed girl time!

 Tree huggers and rainbows:

I finally went scuba diving! I did 3 wonderful dives over by the dive park at the Casino. It felt so good to immerge myself in the water and become a mermaid. I saw lobster, lots of fish, snails, a manta ray, some white sea bass, a sea kelp forest, oh, and more fish. What wonderful dives! Can't wait to go again! After my first dive, I went over to the stairs and got myself out of the water and floating about 20 feet from me was a lil sea lion, with about 4 big chunky bites taken out of it by a shark (it looked fresh)

Kelp Forest

Check out zat ray.

Off to wander....
I twist like a mermaid and dance like a gypsy....

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