Thursday, April 24, 2014


For a while I was "Fun-Employed," which is a vamped up version of Un-Emplyed. Unemployed sounds so terrible, but it's really not if you enjoy yourself on an extreme budget. 

Updates on my life include the following:

  • The government decided to not give me unemployment money -- which is lame, but i'll live.
  • I got offered one of my dream jobs, then got a phone call saying they didn't have the budget  
  • Papa Bjorno, my boyfriend and my yellow lab moved onto the next life :( we miss our baby.
  • I got offered a job at a coffee shop and currently, i make coffee. 
  • I drink coffee now.. and I like it.
  • I pole danced on TV for a second, and talked on TV too.
  • I entered my second pole competition - The first annual Aerialympics hosted by Kairos Fitness.
  • I placed 3rd in the Pole Art Category by dancing my heart out to a song called "One Day" by Matisyahu.
  • I went to California and got a picture with Aerial in Disneyland with my mermaid tail on.
  • I swam in the ocean with my mermaid tail.
  • I went to Snowbird and enjoyed the sensation of swimming while it was snowing.
  • I ate really healthy up until my competition and then I stopped.
  • I run, sometimes. 
  • My cat likes my boyfriend more than me. -- I like my boyfriend more than my cat.
  • I applied for a job with another airline to be a flight attendant... still waiting to hear back.
  • I still don't regret quitting my last job and that makes me so happy.
  • I generally make as much at the coffee shop as I made at my last job. #winning

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