Thursday, April 24, 2014

Steps of Preparing for a Pole Competition

I recently competed in the first ever, Kairos Fitness Aerialympics here in Ogden, Utah. This was my second competition and it was definately, not easy.

I came up with the 20 stages of preparing for a pole competition for myself one day when I was feeling pissed off with everything... Indulge

1. You Find out there is a competition and go, sign me up, I got this.
2. You try to find a song and debate with yourself for hours, until, finally you have a song.
3. You feel accomplished, because you chose your song for the competition & procrastinate on actually practicing your routine.
4. You start to practice your routine and make it up to your song.. and panic.
5. You continue to practice and plan it out in your head and then try the moves that look -- oh so amazing in your head.
6. Routine fails, try again.
7. Routine fails, try again.
8. Routine works!! Psych! Try again.

9. Your routine is almost done, you try various combos and try to choreograph the end of your routine.
10. Fail, try again.
11. Finish routine and record with your camera, then watch.
12. Hate your routine, everything about it, get angry, want to give up, but don't because you worked to hard to get where your at and you need to dance.
13. Practice routine, grumble, cuss, make minion sounds in the process.
14. Decide you need to be done for the day and try again tomorrow.
15. Practice again, things are kind of coming together.
16. Take an ice or epsom salt bath, shave your legs, and get pretty cause tomorrow is your day.
17. Performance/Competition Day, there is nothing more you can do, but perform what you have...
18. Don't forget to eat on performance day, no matter how much your stomach twists and turns.
19. Stretch, put on make up and dance your heart out, Cause today is the day you have been working towards!
20. Routine done, whether you win or lose, you did it and you earned yourself a margarita!

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