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I listed the steps of preparing for this past competition in the last post. What I did not list was the link to the movie. Although the movie is not amazing quality, it gives you the gist of what happened in my performance. I find that I am hard on myself after a performance, but I am always happy I danced.

My song was "One Day" by Matisyahu. I chose this song because it melted into my soul in some "first world problems I had" early on this year. I felt used and abused at my past job, I knew I needed to quit, but didn't feel that I could because I did not have an alternative job. Then I got the balls to quit, even though I didn't have an alternative job (I was taking a big leap of faith) and to this point, I would say it was one of the best decisions I have made. 

I never plan on being rich, I knew that when I was in college studying Parks, Recreation and Tourism. I hope to make a difference in the world and hope to move to something that is more on the educational side of things. That being said, when I chose this song, I made sure it had meaning to me. It was a song that helped get me through some "not so fun" times this year, and a song that has a great message. This performance and this song would qualify in the category of dancing my heart out and moving on with my life.

 I have progressed in pole, I have progressed as a person, and I hope to continue progressing in everything I do. It's never too late to improve yourself, and really, the opportunity to improve yourself is always there, you just have to push yourself.

Video link:

My category was Pole Art and all the ladies that competed in it are amazing polers. I managed to get 3rd place and I am ever so grateful for that! It was nice to dance to a song that felt right for me. It was nice to dance to a song that had meaning for me. It was nice to dance to a song where I was able to be me. #lovetopoledance

Big shout out to Kairos Fitness for providing such an amazing space for me to learn how to pole and progress as a pole dancer. I first discovered this studio when I moved home from traveling and realized that I was bored hanging out by myself at night while my boyfriend was at work. In February 2011, I started with aerial silks classes at the studio and I found myself quite weak, I mean, I sucked. However, I didn't let that stop me. I decided to try out pole after my weak moves in silks and found that I sucked at that too. I could barely hold my body weight up to do a pole spin #frustrating.

I chose to go back to aerial silks after my short venture to pole and slowly, but surely started to bloom muscles on my arms. After a couple months of aerial classes every week, I found myself feeling pretty good on silks and went back to try out pole again. Hey Oh! Miracles happen! I could spin and invert, barely, but I could do it! I continued going to both silk and pole classes for the next bit and I was loving it. It was my drug, my addiction and the one place I felt like I could be free and be me.

 I graduated college and decided to take an opportunity to work in Alaska & California for 8 months. Although it was awesome to live in an extremely cool place, I found myself empty for two reasons, My boyfriend and my pole dance classes were still in Utah. When I returned I pushed myself to do a competition 4 months after I started poling again. I had to push myself, I had to get my pole strength back and I had to get pole-ivated and so I did (thanks to some help from some friends).

After that first competition happened, I felt motivated, I somehow managed to place first and I wasn't a flower on the wall anymore.  I made friends from competing in that competition and felt an overwhelming amount of support. I felt like Miss America when I won and I somehow gained real confidence for the first time after that performance. It's amazing how performing for the first time helped me gain confidence and changed my perspective on a lot of things, such as, I am capable of pushing myself and being the best I can be.

Here I am today feeling that I have been able to embrace my inner goddess and continue on my Pole and Aerial Journey. Kairos Fitness is more than just a gym, I have grown as a person, built confidence, learned how to pick myself up when I fall, found friendships that will last a lifetime, and found something I'm passionate about. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did what they were passionate about, if everyone didn't have to work jobs they didn't enjoy (because a lot of people do that). On a side note, I spoke about quitting my job earlier, I believe in working a job that I enjoy and doing things I enjoy and at this moment in my life, I am making coffee and looking for another job that I will enjoy and that will be educational for others in a positive way and I'm totally happy with that.

Cheers to life. 
Cheers to friends.
Cheers to Dancing.
Cheers to being free.
Cheers to making coffee.

And shout out to X-Pole -- I love my X-Pole Stage.
I can pole dance and be in nature #winning

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