Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Running through the wild flowers...

I arrived here in NZ on December 5th, 2014 at 1 AM. After 30 plus hours of travel, you could say I was beyond exhausted. I hardly ate on my first flight so when I arrived in Australia I bought an apple to eat and then I forgot about the apple and fell into a slumber as soon as I got on my flight from OZ to NZ. #neverforget

As soon as I arrived in NZ, I was welcomed with a $400 fine for an apple. I forgot I bought it, I forgot to eat it, and I forgot to claim it because I forgot I even had it #completefail #beyondexhausted. So lesson learned, no matter how exhausting traveling is, never ever buy anything that may cause a fine when traveling internationally.

I spent some time in the Christchurch airport since my flight got in at 12:45 AM and left around 7:30 AM to go find my hostel, The Old Countryhouse. This hostel was a breath of fresh air, I was not excited to stay in Christchurch, I knew it got a lot of damage from the earthquake in 2011 and that it kind of died after that, but I am glad I did stay in Christchurch. I loved the hostel I stayed at, there were some wonderful people there and, they had a spa/hot tub (that's a big selling point for me). When I visited Christchurch 4 years ago, it seemed like an up and coming small version of Seattle. It was a neat city and it was alive #beforeearthquake. When I saw Christchurch now #afterearthquake, it seemed like it died a little. It was quiet, buildings were still being repaired, buildings were still broken with rubble surrounding them and they were fenced in. The only word I can thing to describe Christchurch after the earthquake is.. wow.

Next stop for me was Lake Tekapo or as I like to say it "en route to heaven." I have an obsession, a fascination with this lake. This lake will always be one of my favorite spots in the world. When I came to this lake 4 years ago, it was for a 30 minute bus break and I only got a snap a few photos. This time, I spent a night at the YHA Hostel and stared at the water for hours. The view from my hostel was amazing, the wildflowers were amazing, and the lake was amazing. I get chills thinking about this lake #aweyeah. I went and dunked myself in the lake 3 times before walking up to the hot pools overlooking the lake and I felt so at peace. I was, at what I would call, one of the most beautiful places on earth. On a side note, there is a free small zipline down by the lakefront and so I spent time playing on that for a while and of course doing inverts and leg hooks #poledancerforlife #winning.

After spending 24 hours in heaven, I decided it's time to go to Queenstown where I plan on living for the summer. I started out staying two nights at Southern Laughter and now I have found a house to live in up in Fernhill (part of Queenstown). It's kind of like a halfway house, part hostel, part house. I say this because well, I have 20 flatmates and will probably have 30 within the next week. I share a room upstairs with 4 others girls and I'm on a bunk bed. I brought my bamboo sheets so obviously, I feel comfy during sleepy time #obsessedwithbamboosheets #priorities. The view from my house of the lake is amazing, that's really why I chose to live in this house, the view #magic. I still am on the search for a job and have been applying with several over the past two days and I found a pole dance studio (again #priorities). I'm checking it out this Friday and so so so so excited #QTpoledance. I miss pole/silks/hammock/bendy #kairosfitness forever. I miss everyone from home and if your thinking of coming out here, you should. We could do a road trip, hike, bungy jump, and drink wine at the lake #joinme.

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