Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fresh Start

I moved to Queenstown exactly two weeks ago on December 7th, 2014. In the past two weeks I have managed to find a place to live, unpacked my bag, found a dance studio to pole at, done a pole dance performance, got a NZ phone number, a bank account, an IRD number and a job. HOLY COW! I have also managed to meet more people than I can remember, played outside, and stayed up through all the hours of the night. Everyday I wake up, I feel alive, reborn, and happy. I have been listening to massive amounts of the pitch perfect soundtrack and I'm pretty sure I know most of the songs by heart at this point. It's my happy soundtrack....anyone want to skype date and do a singalong?

My house is celebrating Christmas today, so Merrrry Christmas.
#itdoesntfeellikechristmas #nosnow #snowkidding #ilovesnow

Yesterday was Summer Solstice

I plugged in my computer today and it shocked me... my right hand fingers are numb... #ouch

I people watch a lot... people are weird #ilikethat

They have Mountain Dew White Out here....
(Diana, Mekelle, and Alexa this makes me think of you guys)!

MOUNTAIN BIKING: I went mountain biking with a friend at a place called, 7 mile area. I don't really know how to mountain bike, it kind of scares me to be honest, but I figured I may as well give it a go. It was fun, thrilling even, because it scared me. I don't feel like a whole lot of things scare me or at least, I use to feel that way. Now I'm just a big scaredy cat #pussy, everything seems to scare me. So I just #fakeittilimakeit.


I went on a hike up Queenstown hill and lied in the Basket of Dreams for a while. This hike for me, was so rewarding. I spent about 4 hours playing up on the hill, the same hill I hiked four years ago. #itsthesimplethings. It felt so rewarding to be somewhere so beautiful again. I'm a firm believer in doing things you say you are going to do and the fact that I am back here, in Queenstown, New Zealand makes my heart happy. I always said I was going to return... and I have. I didn't lie to myself and I came back. I feel at peace...

POLE DANCE PERFORMANCE: I found a pole dance studio in Queenstown and my heart is so happy. I went to the studio and met the lovely owner and asked if there was a chance I could perform at the Christmas show coming up and she said yes. The show was earlier this week, so I got out my cheesy self and freestyled to Santa Baby.. movie link here:

ROCK CLIMBING: I have a friend who took me Rock Climbing the other day at a place called Wye Creek and that was something special. I mean... check out this view....
#heaven #ilivehere #brookeinwanderland

I haven't been rock climbing in about 3 years, so I was pretty excited to go and climb outside. This place was a pleasant surprise. I found another favorite place here in NZ and this is it #magical. We climbed up a pipeline and it was a little sketchy, but I was very careful, I swear #sorrymom. The view kept getting better and better and we crossed two waterfall areas before getting over to the magical view I have above. I'm in love with this place --- iyiyiyiyi. On that note, rock climbing was fun, I think I may need to become a die hard rock climber... plus that is great cross training for pole and aerial silks. #talkedmyselfintoit #futurediehardrockclimber.

Anyways... that's all for now.... #brookeinwanderland

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