Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why am I in New Zealand?


4 years ago today, I was traveling around New Zealand because it was my dream destination. I had been studying for 6 months in Fiji and had a month between my flight back tot he US and my last final. With $2800 left in my US bank account, I debated if I should either go home and have money or if I should go travel to Australia and New Zealand and spend it all. I chose to spend it all because who knows when I will be able to return? I spent $1200 on 7 plane tickets connecting Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. This left me with $1600 to spend for the month of travels between New Zealand and Australia. So I decided I had $800 for each location and when I ran out of money, if I did, I had to improvise and make it work. So I did, I made it work. I ran out of money in Australia and spent a night in a friends car while they slept at the hostel, then I found somebody to hitchhike with from Byron Bay to Sydney and it worked, I didn't overspend and I did what I had too on the budget I had. #travelbug

When I arrived in New Zealand, it was exactly as I pictured it, a dream come true. I knew as soon as I arrived that I must return here and I hoped I could bring my boyfriend at the time with me. This place is amazing and it's too good, too amazing to not share with someone unless you have too, in which case, it's still absolutely amazing by yourself. I was with that boyfriend for over six years and had every intention of dragging him back to NZ with me, but things didn't work out and we broke up. Two weeks later, I bought a plane ticket back to NZ and 6 weeks after that, I have arrived in New Zealand. I am exactly where I need to be. 

After turning 18, I managed to start transforming into what society calls "an adult." Throughout that transformation, I graduated college, got a grown up job in marketing and public relations for a ski resort, and got in a serious relationship. After almost 3 years in my "grown up job," I chose to leave. I absolutely loved my job, but the cons were outweighing the pros after that long and I left. I bought a house with my boyfriend at the time and still needed to work to pay the bills, so I started working at a coffee shop, teaching dance, and donating plasma throughout the spring, summer and fall. As soon as fall came, things started to fall, and my relationship ended and I moved back in with my mom (thanks mom) Everything I had been investing my life in over the past couple years seemed to fall apart this year. So, 2014, you suck! #suckadick2014 #shithappens

Okay, I don't really hate you 2014, you don't suck, but you sure threw some daggers at my soul and I'm just glad I have been able to dodge them (a little). Plus, I'm in NZ meow and it's still 2014... so you're okay.. I guess. I miss my cat -- shout out to Ziggy Zigmond Zigmeister (the best cat in the world). #catmom


Some people say the best way to heal a broken heart is chocolate and ice cream, but I disagree, the best way to heal from a break up is to go to one of your favorite places in the world (and then die and come back to life #dramatic). For me, that is Lake Tekapo in December. The flowers are blooming, the water is as blue as the sky and the water is ice cold (it's glacial). It's the perfect place to do a polar dip, lay in the sun, cleanse your soul and run through the wild flowers. It was the perfect place for me to gain clarity and satisfy this travel bug thats been trapped in me the past couple years. #feelingcleansed

Coming to New Zealand has a series of meanings. It's about starting over, finding myself again, doing what makes me happy, doing what scares me, learning about new cultures, embracing other cultures, and living life to the fullest. I didn't plan this out, I didn't save money for this because I didn't know it was coming. I didn't know I would be back here in 2014, but I am and I'm happy about that. 

Some people ask me how I was able to afford doing this, as well as past travels. The truth, I wasn't able to afford this, I just bought a plane ticket and started selling as many big materialistic things as I could before I moved here. I said goodbye to my car (The Ice Box, also known as The Foxy Boxy #scionxb), my pole (Lola), and my X-Stage (Plumeria). It was sad for me to sell all those things, but they were just materials. Although materialistic things can be nice sometimes, they don't matter, life experiences matter. I have no regrets and I am happy to be here. It was unexpected, but what a beautiful thing to be out here in New Zealand. I love this place. 

Every day I try to do something that scares me. 
Every day I try to do something that makes me happy.
Every day I do my best.

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  1. Brookie. This sounds like the most amazing experience. I am so happy that you have found peace and you are enjoying this wild ride. You are such a brave woman and my eyes swelled with tears of happiness reading this entry. Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventure. You inspire me to live an inspired life and I want to come visit you in New Zealand :)