Saturday, January 10, 2015

Get Out and Live

It's not all bad when you work with good company and have sunsets like this outside of your work... 
Below is just some of the dream team...

After doing my first pole performance out here with QT Dance I made a couple friends. One of which who likes to go on hiking adventures, snowboard etc -- #soulsisters. My friend Mel and I drove up to Sylvan Lake just past Glenorchy and did the loop track and relaxed by the lake, so peaceful!
Nothing like some good trees to wander through...

After Hiking around Sylvan Lake with Mel, I got dropped off at the after effects of a horse race and hung out and went camping with some friends. I wanted to explore the area a little and got introduced to ... what I would call ... a red neck swimming pool. I have mixed feelings about this... because if given the opportunity... I feel like my friend Lacey back home would be into this. Right?

I have missed camping quite a bit. I love being outside and staring at the stars wondering what the world is going to bring. It was nice to escape Queenstown and go to Alexandra with friends for some fresh air... we even managed to have a fire... which is kind of rare I feel. Fire, moonlight... and a wild pig that scared the bejeezes out of me.

Cliff Jumping
Nothing like taking a break from this super touristy town. Although Queenstown is beautiful.. it can get absolutely crazy here and can be very overwhelming!

I was lucky enough to get to go do the Gibson Valley Wine Tour through my work and ... watch out world because I think I'm going to become a Wine-o! I got all edu-macated on wine and tasted about 10 different wines. Maybe... I got a little wine drunk off of it too because maybe... I am kind of sort of a lightweight because I don't generally drink. Wine is wonderful.
Why is wine so wonderful... it's an art really. Whenever you drink wine, you drink art.

And the wine with the cheese platter ... was a little slice of heaven.
Watch out world... I'm super classy now.

When I left New Zealand 4 years ago there were two things I wished I had done and I didn't because I was too low on money and time. One of those things was Milford Sound and yesterday I was able to go and see this place. I got to run go frolicking through the high grasses and stand in the wildflowers...

 I found beautiful waterfalls and rivers galore...
 I got to be one with the wildflowers...
 and I had good company too.... the 3 stooges yo. #BroHoes

 After driving up and through some of Milford Sound we did a boat tour and well, it was super pretty. It actually reminded quite a lot of the Alaska and taking boats between Sitka, Juneau and Skagway when I lived out there. I love it when things link together. It is a small world after all...
Majestic Cliff views and Seals... sitting on rocks... like pieces of poop 
(quote I heard from someone else on the boat).
 On the way home we stopped at a place called the chasm... and found clear blue water! It was so pretty I knew I had to jump in... so I did... and then I couldn't breathe because it was so cold. I sadly and coldly got out of the water and took a deep breathe. Why can't this be a hot spring... I love hot springs!

 Last, but not least, I became a bird whisperer for a couple minutes while we waited to drive through the one way tunnel. Say hello to my parrot friends.. there were 3 of them... and we had bird like conversations.. I love encountering wildlife!
That's all of now... hey. oh. let's go.

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