Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Galentines Day


Feb. 14 - Well what is known as valentines day to most -- turned into galentines day for me and cindy. We went on the cutest date ever. Woke up, went kayaking to fishermans island and pretended we were stuck on an island like when we lived in Fiji. It sounds silly, because it is silly, but it was fun -- a wee bit chilly, but fun. We saw waves, and penguin rocks, and ocean things and island things (I'm very detailed here) and then we ate lunch and paddled on back. I think we are what a person would call "advanced kayakers" now because we came back through the waves and attempted surfing them with the kayak. We didn't flip over, so we must be good at it, right?

We finished off the night with a fancy dinner of ground hamburger, cooked carrots and potatoes smashed into a tortilla. It is what I would call these days - gourmet - and also it was fancy because me and Cindy's mom had a glass of wine with it. If you know of any guys who want to be "Swooned" by Brooke -- just tell them about my fancy dinner dates and my tarp tent accomodation with Cindy over Valentines -- that will get them.


Feb. 15 - It's my baby sisters birthday today and although I gave her a promo video of aging, a skype call, and a birthday song via skype -- give her a shout out, she is sweet, adorable and 13 now.

In the evening of Valentines, we got word that the whales were stranded up at Golden Bay. We did our best the next morning to make it up there and try to volunteer and help save the whales, but the whales that could be saved, got saved and the rest... were not so lucky. Thanks to everyone who helped the whales out and volunteered -- you're amazing. 

Me and Cindy were quite tired... and feeling lazy so we went to a rock climbing camp ground and then headed over to a spa in Takaka. We then relaxed for.... 4 hours of spa time and then headed back to our campground and crawled into our sleeping quarters (her in the van -- me in my tarp tent).

Feb. 16 - All good things come to an end... Cindy, Kathleen and I went onward to Nelson and camped at Mai Tai Campground for the night. Cindy and I did a wander to the center of New Zealand and then chased sheep around for a bit (in a loving way). I may have pretended I'm a sheepherder and started singing, but you will never know because there is no videos of me singing "come my sheep," in a chanting kind of way. We relaxed and wandered around and then the next day they dropped me off at the bus station and I began my voyage on down to Queenstown. I took a bus to Richmond and then well... it was time to let the hitchhiking begin.

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