Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Hitch Hike?

Why do I hitchhike? 
Hitchhiking is known to ... not be safe and you know what, sometimes that is true. Sometimes, it's not safe to eat food off the floor either, but you do it anyways. 

That being said, I chose to hitch hike for three reasons:

1. I'm extremely low on money and it seems more worth it to me, to not pay for a bus.

2. I'm curious, so many people have completely closed off there brains to putting trust in complete strangers... There are good people out there ... and I was a little curious to see what good people I would find.

3. Science: Due to my curiousity I have came up with my own theories and hypothesis to see who will/won't pick me up. I would call this hitchhiking thing... a complete science fair project. That being said, I really did not like science growing up, but I do like people and it is both horrifying and rewarding to throw myself into a situation of the unknown and put my trust in human kind. 

That being said, I'm not stupid. I have a way to protect myself in these situations (2 ways actually).

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